Collector’s Corner: Target Exclusive Mattel WWE Royal Rumble Elite Series 1 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Target Exclusive Mattel WWE Royal Rumble Elite Series 1 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the Target Exclusive Mattel WWE Royal Rumble Elite Series 1 action figures featuring:

  • Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Lita
  • Bobby Lashley
  • The Rock

These are only available at Target stores just in time for the Royal Rumble and they just released as well so start checking your local store(s)! We’d also like to thank Mattel for providing us with Lita early to review for all of you!

wwe royal rumble

The Packaging

This series features the 2020 style packaging with a new color scheme specifically for this set. This is more of a white/gray color scheme with the Royal Rumble logo on it as each figure represents a different Royal Rumble moment. The sides features images of the wrestlers and moment they’re based on followed by a larger image of them on the back, their Royal Rumble moment its based on as well as statistics and the others in the set. Not to mention the card behind each figure has the signature Royal Rumble numbers, which is really cool.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man is based off his 1991 Royal Rumble moment when he shattered his scepter over Ultimate Warrior’s head. This figure is probably the most sought after in the set as it’s a pretty cool Macho Man figure. I wasn’t completely sold on it when it was first revealed but having it in person I like it a lot. He has a lot of accessories and a ton of detail, which is awesome. His bandana and glasses are removed to show his grimacing face. He comes with a scepter that does in fact break apart and he comes with a production light, which seems a bit random but is a cool accessory nonetheless. Not to mention he has swappable pointing hands so you can recreate his iconic elbow drop pose.

Overall, this figure is pretty cool. Much cooler in person I might add. I love all the detail and it’s super vibrant. It’s nice he has a painted on shirt as well, it’s just too bad we don’t have his hat and jacket to go with it. Regardless, the detail really makes it pop and will make him a great addition to your Macho Man collection! Oh yeah!


Lita is probably the next most sought after in the set I would think. This figure is a nice Flashback version in that it comes with a new head sculpt, as well as her previous one, that has bangs on her face instead of the longer hair not in her face as seen on her previous figure. This Lita is based on her 2006 moment with Edge where she helped him retain against John Cena at the Royal Rumble. Lita has a lot of detail in her attire, from her top to her gauntlets on her wrists to the chain hanging from her waist on her pants. The detail in her jeans are nice but sadly she doesn’t feature double-jointed knees like the newer female figures do. However, she does have swappable fists, which is great.

Overall, this figure is nice. If you missed out on her older Elite from many sets ago then this is a nice one to pickup as it has two swappable heads, giving you different display options. The detail really makes it stand out compared to her previous Elite, which I think makes this one superior personally.

Bobby Lashley

Lashley’s latest is a pretty decent figure as well. This is the outfit I originally thought we’d see him released in initially, but Mattel wanted to make a modern version first, which makes the most sense. This Lashley is based off when he defended the ECW title against Test in 2007. He has a removable headband as well as swappable hands that allow you to recreate his entrance pose. He also comes with the ECW title, which will make him sought after as we haven’t seen it in the main line in quite some time. So if you ever missed out on that belt I recommend picking him up for that reason.

Overall, it’s a pretty good figure. It looks a bit similar to his Elite 69 figure but is still different enough that you can tell them apart. This is obviously a Flashback version of him, which is nice if you prefer him from those days, which I personally do compared to how he is today. If you’re a fan or simply want the ECW title I recommend picking this one up.

The Rock

Rock has had a lot of figures as of late, but this one has a new head scan that looks a lot like him from back then. This is based on his 2013 match where he won the title. I also was not sold on this figure when it was originally announced but once I had it in person I thought it looked awesome. The spinner belt accessory is great for anyone who missed out on that title as well. He also comes with swappable fists and open hands to really help you layeth the Smackdown on your other figures. He’s in his black trunks with “The Rock” logo on the front and Brahama Bull on the back. He also features his super detailed tattoos on both arms/chest and elbow/knee pads and his iconic boots.

Overall, while yes he’s had a lot of figures as of late I would suggest picking this one up. It reminds me of his old WWE Elite from many years ago, but an updated version and more accessories. The head scan alone makes it worth picking up in my opinion, but unfortunately the figure itself looks a lot like his others as of late. If you’re a fan I’d say don’t sleep on this one.


Overall this set is pretty good. The lineup isn’t the most exciting since we see a lot of figures of these superstars, minus Lita, for the most part. While this is only Lashley’s second Elite he just had one in the main line a few sets ago. Hopefully they pick some more fun moments to give us in figure form for the next set. And remember these are only at Target so starting checking yours if you haven’t yet. They should be popping up real soon if they haven’t yet by you.

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