Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 5 – John Cena & Becky Lynch (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 5 – John Cena & Becky Lynch (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 5 figures:

  • John Cena
  • Becky Lynch

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(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

The Packaging

Both figures feature the same packaging as the previous sets with a larger, window box. In the window you can see the figure and all their included accessories, hands, heads and more. One side of the box features their name while the opposite side an image of them while on the back of the box highlights the superstar with statistics and information followed by more images of them.

John Cena

Cena was the one I was most excited about in this latest series as it reminds me a lot of his old Jakks Deluxe Aggression action figure from many years ago. Cena comes with three head scans, which look pretty good, two being new for this figure. He comes with a hat, removable cloth shirt, dog tags, an armband, wrist bands and swappable hands. He also comes with the WWE Spinner Belt, which is awesome, too. All of the accessories truly make this figure that much better. His newer wristband and armband molds are really nice as it makes him look more authentic, which is the first update to Cena figures starting with this one.

Cena features the Ultimate chest torso, which is ball-jointed, providing more movement. He also has double-jointed elbows, which allows him to do his “you can’t see me” type pose, which is great for realistic posing. Mattel painted his boxer shorts underneath that say “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” on them. He is sporting his long, blue, denim shorts as well as his slightly showing knee pads and his gym shoes with the toe-joints.

Overall, this figure is pretty awesome honestly. The head scan he comes with on his body in the package looks a bit chubby/long compared to his other heads. The yelling and smiling scans are better in my opinion but they all look decent overall. For some reason the Ultimates always struggle with head sculpts and I’m not sure why that it is. I highly recommend this one, even if you’re not a Cena fan, as it’s just a well done, throwback figure of him. Definitely my favorite Cena figure in awhile.

Becky Lynch

Next up we have Becky’s first Ultimate figure and there’s been a lot of negativity revolving around it due to her head scans. She comes with both Women’s titles as well as her Kill Bill style jacket with removable/swappble jacket arms with fists. She also comes with another head scan, which is smiling and has her hair fully down.

She features the Ultimate chest torso as well. The detail on her attire is really nice, too. From the open chest design on the top to the stocking designs on her legs. She has knee pads with the yellow on the sides as well as her boots with the socks and toe joints on them. Her jacket accessory is a thin rubber that’s very detailed with the “I Am The Man” logo on the back as well as the leather arms to make it look more believable. Her arms pop out easily to swap and sit securely, too, which is great for posing and play purposes.

One other cool detail on her is the fact they painted all her fingernails black, which is a nice bonus detail. Even the braids in her hair is another really cool detail I almost forgot about.

Overall, the detail on this figure is great. From the jacket to the stockings on her legs Mattel definitely went all out with her, which is a huge bonus. The biggest downfall of this figure though are the head sculpts. For some reason Mattel is either a hit or a miss with her face. Her latest Elite and her recent Battle Pack and Basics have amazing head scans while this figure has very cartoony looking likenesses. The likeness perhaps could be there but it’s the paint apps of her makeup that perhaps take away from the likeness. It’s just hard to pinpoint why her scans are either so good or so bad.

Sadly this figure didn’t land the best head scans, but you could always swap her latest Basics or Elites onto it to make it look nice. If you like Becky and are able to swap the head I’d recommend doing that as the figure is nice minus the heads in my opinion.


Overall, both figures are decent with their pros and cons. Becky is the disappointment of the set with her head scans but the rest of the figure is nice. Cena is a nice figure though honestly. Mattel just seems to have a difficult time with this series and I’m not sure why, but the upcoming set with Charlotte and Rock as well as the following Hogan and Fiend supposedly all look good from what we’ve seen so far. I really hope this line continues as the figures are nice. You can always swap heads with other figures to make them more appealing to you if you don’t like what they come with. Definitely pick these up if you are able to!

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