Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 4 – Brock Lesnar & Shawn Michaels Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 4 – Brock Lesnar & Shawn Michaels Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand new Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 4 – Brock Lesnar & Shawn Michaels action figures. You can currently get these over on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

shawn michaels

Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage

The Packaging

Both figures feature the same packaging as the previous sets with a larger, window box. In the window you can see the figure and all their included accessories, hands, heads and more. One side of the box features their name while the other an image of them while on the box highlights the superstar with statistics and information followed by more images of them.

Brock Lesnar

Brock was one I was super excited about as a figure of him with extra articulation had me really excited. Sure enough, this figure of him is pretty cool. He comes with two head scans we’ve gotten already plus a new one with a bit of a goofy expression on his face. It’s almost like a nervous look, probably one from a meme actually now that I think about it. His main head that comes on the body in the box seems a tad bit small in my opinion, but if you pull it up a little bit it doesn’t look as small since it’s not sitting on his shoulders.

Lesnar has the extra articulation in his chest as well as double-jointed elbows and toe-joints to give him extra posing ability. He also comes with a beanie, different hands and the WWE Universal Championship with a bit darker strap compared to previous releases. It’s nice we finally got some closed fist hands for him as he hadn’t had that in the past. Not to mention the detail on him, from his tattoos to the logos on his gloves and shorts are a nice touch.

If you want a Lesnar figure that you can pose a lot better and easier I recommend this one as you can recreate his move set a bit easier than with his Elites. Granted, it looks like his Elites but the extra articulation is such a beneficial bonus.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn was another I, as well as other collectors, were very excited to get. His head scans were a bit of a concern to people and I have to agree with that. I wasn’t sold on either until I had mine in-hand. Seeing the photo on the side of the box with his hair down and smile on his face is the look they went for with the smiling scan, but they used different hair, which may be why it looks a little off. The smiling scan isn’t my favorite but I can see what they were going for. While the yelling scan I think looks much more like him and will be the head I leave on it.

Shawn comes with several pairs of hands to swap as well as his entrance gear with a rubber top and rubber/cloth pants, which is really awesome. The detail on Shawn from head to toe is really nice. From his chest hair to his gloves, pants, boots and of course his entrance gear is super impressive. The extra articulation on Shawn is really nice as you can pose him that much more realistically. Many people aren’t a fan of how the chest joint looks on these but I love they have a ball-jointed chest as it gives you much more freedom to pose.

Shawn is a great figure if you can look past the one head scan. The attire looks fantastic with all the detail and the fact they gave him real pants instead of rubber ones is a huge bonus. The detail on the pants is fantastic and the belt is a flimsy rubber so you can fasten it easily around his waist. Not to mention his top is extremely detailed and fastens quite well on the back.

If you’re a fan of HBK I highly recommend this as it’s a fantastic figure of him. And the best part is is that if you don’t like the heads he comes with you can always swap it with one of his others.


Overall, this is probably my favorite Ultimate Edition series to date. I really like both figures. Sure they have their pros and cons, as most do, but these two are well done in my opinion. I was very excited to get them and look forward to doing some photography with them very soon! Pick them up on Ringside while you can!

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