Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Top Picks 2020 Elites In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Top Picks 2020 Elites In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we take a look at the Mattel WWE Top Picks 2020 Elites featuring:

  • Ricochet
  • Braun Strowman
  • Seth Rollins
  • Roman Reigns

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Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The Packaging

The packaging features the typical red/white/black 2020 Elite style packaging with the Top Picks “Must Have Superstars” logo in the top left. The back showcases the featured superstar as well as information about and the others in the set. This set is created to help new collectors and casual collectors find the most popular superstars easily at the stores, making them more readily available to find.


Ricochet is more than likely the most sought after in the set as this is only his third Elite figure and is a repaint of his Elite 69 figure from awhile back. His Elites are very hard to come by so this one probably will be, too. This one comes in his silver/gray attire, which looks really nice. He has the same head sculpt as his other Elites as well as all his intricate tattoo work on his chest/right arm. What’s even cool about this one is his left arm has a taller wristband than his right one. He also comes with his removable entrance gear with the wings on the back. Not to mention he comes with two pairs of swappable hands, which is great for recreating his entrance.

Overall, this figure is nice. I like how drastic of an attire change this is from his other Elites. People will be annoyed that Mattel painted the logo on his left knee than giving him a knee pad with the logo on it, which I do understand. It must be a budget decision as to not include it. Besides that he looks great honestly. The detail on him is awesome and the extra hands are a huge plus, too.

Seth Rollins

Seth is probably the second most sought after in this set I’d say. He comes in his X-Men themed attire with the black and yellow removable vest and tights. He features his latest serious head scan, too and comes with swappable hands.

While this figure is pretty simple it looks pretty good for the most part. A lot of collectors were upset they didn’t include the ‘X’ on his chest, which is more than likely due to copyright issues. It’s funny they even photoshopped the ‘X’ off in the real images on the package. The themed attires are always tricky as it seems sometimes Mattel can get away with certain things while others they can’t. It’s more than likely due to the fact they don’t have the Marvel license yet they did do Rey Mysterio in his Spider-Man Mysterio attire…it’s just hard to pinpoint their decision making. Besides that, the figure is simple but looks nice. It’s not his most exciting attire but it’s clean looking if you’re a fan of Rollins. I’d recommend it personally even though it’s a little plain.

Braun Strowman

Braun’s figure may look very familiar to you as it is actually his Elite 76 figure with an older head and a cloth shirt. He comes with swappable hands as well. He’s decked out in his newer camo pants design and features his tan combat boots. You can also see all of his tattoos across his body, which you normally don’t see on his molded shirt figures. His cloth shirt also has the “Get These Hands” logo on it, which is a nice bonus to make this figure worth grabbing.

Overall, I like the figure. It’s very similar to 76 and has his older scan, as mentioned. Mine didn’t have the best paint apps sadly so I will have to swap it with a Basic with the same head. While I do like this figure, I feel his arms and hands are too tiny for his massive body. I wish Mattel would revisit his arms/hands as he’s a big guy who should look like a beast. Besides that the cloth shirt is a nice bonus from his Elite 76 figure. I’d still probably recommend his Elite 76 one though honestly.

Roman Reigns

Lastly we have Roman Reigns, which also may look very familiar to you as it is practically his Elite 68 figure that released a little while back. This one is slightly different though as his skin tone is a bit darker and his tattoo is printed a little different. It’s definitely not enough of a drastic change but regardless this is one of his best Elite figures. His head scan looks just like him with the smirk on his face. He comes with a removable vest as well as several pairs of swappable hands and the RAW Universal Championship.

Overall, this figure of Roman is great. If you missed out on his Elite 68 one then I highly recommend this one as it’s one of his best. The detail is awesome, his vest fits well and it looks just like him. Not to mention all of his accessories really make him that much better.


Overall, this set is decent. It’s not the most exciting lineup honestly but the Top Picks are usually just a handful of the superstars we see the most as they’re some of the “Top Guys” so to speak. The Ricochet is my favorite and is easily the stand out of the set. Definitely don’t sleep on him as he will more than likely be the first to go. I recommend most of the figures in this set unless you have Elite 68 Roman and already scooped Elite 76 Braun. It really just depends which version you prefer of those two.

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