Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 110 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 110 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Hey all, welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we’ll take a look at Mattel WWE Series 110 featuring:

  • Liv Morgan
  • Mike Kanellis (with Chase variant, not included in this review)
  • Finn Bálor
  • John Cena
  • Kofi Kingston

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mike kanellis

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Packaging

This set features the typical red and white 2020 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well followed by everyone in the set listed on the back. Mike’s box happens to say ‘First Time in the Line’ as it’s his very first and sadly last action figure in the WWE, for now at least.

Liv Morgan

This is Liv’s first Basic figure in the WWE line and I must say it is really well done. She has the same head scan as her elite does, but with vibrant pink hair instead. She’s in her riott squad gear as well, which unfortunately is irrelevant now, but still looks great honestly. She has a wristband painted on as well as black pants with the stars on the sides and holes in front as well as some new shoe molds I believe, too.

Overall, I highly recommend this Basic of Liv. I’m not sure when we will be seeing another Elite of her anytime soon so if you missed out on that one I definitely recommend this one. It’s a very well done Basic style figure honestly. Don’t sleep on this one!

Mike Kanellis

Mike is probably the most sought after in this set being it is his very first figure and sadly his last being he and Maria were released. There is a Chase version with different logos on his trunks but sadly we didn’t have it in time for this review. Mike features a smiling head scan with his poofy beard. He has his tattoos on his arms as well as hand/wrist tape followed by his black trunks with his logos and his knee pads, socks and laced, black boots.

Overall, Mike looks decent for his first figure. It’s too bad this wasn’t in the Elite line but I’m sure people will be converting him to an Elite once he becomes more readily available. I may do the same thing honestly. His figure is pretty good though as the details are nice. If you were a fan of his or simply wanted to fill your roster I recommend picking it up. Sadly there’s no recent Maria figure to go with him either.

John Cena

John Cena is not the most exciting figure in this set being it is very similar to his 105 figure that recently came out. This one, however, has a painted on green shirt. We have a lot of Cena figures in green shirts so this is one with his longer hairdo if you wanted a more recent version of him in street clothes. He has his armbands with the logos as well as his jean shorts/knee pads and shoes.

Overall, people will probably pass on this one. While it is not bad, they literally just painted on the shirt than giving him a neck or sleeve molds to make it feel more like a shirt. Granted his chest is flat and not ripped, representing he is wearing something, I just wish they went a little more in-depth with it to make the illusion look better. Granted, that’s not the end of the world but just something nit picky from me. If you enjoy collecting Cena be sure to add this one to your collection, but it’s really just a head swap with all the other green shirt Cena figures we’ve had.

Finn Bálor

Finn has also had a lot of Basic figures lately, which you typically see rotting on the pegs at Walmart or Target, but this one at least has a different colored attire. This one comes in his blue and white attire, which looks nice, but is not the most exciting figure. Granted, Finn’s figures look very similar with just a slight color change, but that also goes with his look. He has his typical cheesy grin expression, which looks just like him I must say, plus his white wrist tape, blue trunks with the Bálor logos, his knee pads and white kick pads.

Overall, unless you like collecting Finn in all of his different colored trunks you will probably end up passing on this one, too. Sadly his figures rot a lot, but it’s probably because he just has so many so often that it’s overload. The figure does look nice, don’t get me wrong, I just wish we didn’t see him in sets quite as often, but he is a popular guy so they keep releasing him. As I said if you are a fan of his, pick it up as it does look nice, but if you’re tired of him like me then don’t bother.

Kofi Kingston

This figure of Kofi is probably the most controversial of the set in that he is missing a lot of logos and designs on his tights, which had collectors really upset. The figure itself look great, but the missing details really put a damper on it. His head scan features his ponytail-like hairdo with the blonde streak in it. He has his tattoos on his back, his white armbands as well as his baby blue/gray tights with his knee pads and tall kick pad boots.

Overall, if Kofi had all of his proper details the figure would look that much better, but perhaps Mattel just didn’t have the rights to the logos or didn’t have the budget to invest in him than the others in the set. It’s not a bad figure, but the missing details ruin it obviously. This seems to be a trend with his figures lately, too, and I’m not sure the exact reasoning for that. It’s gotta be a budget thing as perhaps it’s too much detail, but who knows. If you like Kofi, grab it, as I’m sure there will be New Day Basics in similar attire.


Overall, it’s not a bad set. Liv and Mike are definitely the gems of the set and I highly recommend both. Liv’s figure is just fantastic for a Basic and Mike is decent, too, considering. The others in the set are sleepers, Cena and Finn especially, but if you like collecting everyone I’m sure you’ll hop on those. Liv and Mike will be hardest to come by in my opinion so don’t sleep on those!

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