Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 105 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 105 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Series 105 featuring:

  • Lars Sullivan
  • Ronda Rousey (with Chase variant)
  • Roman Reigns
  • John Cena
  • Paige

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Photo Credit: Lars Sullivan

The Packaging

This set features the typical red and white 2020 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well followed by everyone in the set listed on the back. Lars’ box happens to say ‘First Time in the Line’ as it’s his very first action figure and who knows if we’ll see another after that.

John Cena

Cena’s figure features his latest head scan with his longer hair and cheesy smile on his face. It looks just like him, which is great. He features his navy blue armbands and wristbands with the Cena logos and the “You Can’t See Me” logos as well. Not to mention his jean shorts, knee pads and black shoes.

Overall, it looks like all his other figures minus the head scan. It’s nice it’s at least a more modern version of him compared to all his others with the buzz cut and the fact his armbands/wristbands are a different color than the typical green version they’ve released a lot lately.

Roman Reigns

While usually everyone is sick of Roman Reigns figures this is by far one of his best and will probably be sought after. He is in his street clothes with his dark pants and a sleveless t-shirt that has his Big Dawg logos on them. Not to mention it has an amazing, new head scan of him with his man bun and big smile on his face. The likeness is uncanny, which will make collectors want to purchase it. Not to mention he has his super detailed tattoo work going down his right arm.

Overall, this figure is really nice. I was blown away by it when I saw it and highly recommend picking it up even if it’s just for the head scan alone. Definitely his best Basic figure in ages so don’t sleep on it as we may not see that scan on a future Elite.


Paige is an interesting figure as she’s a mix of the older Basic style female figures, which were practically an Elite, while she has the newer Basic style arms with no bicep joint. This figure was originally supposed to be in the Target Exclusive NXT Basic series but it was later canned. She happens to have an ab joint hidden under her top as well as ankle joints, which are great for posing.

Overall, this is a decent figure of Paige and is pretty much an Elite for the price of a Basic. The detail on it is really nice and is great for any Paige fans still out there.

Ronda Rousey

It’s interesting Ronda has another Basic already considering she just had one in Series 101. This one features her white and red attire, which looks nice. Her head scan is super detailed with the braids in her hair and scowl on her face. She even has her little mole under eye. Her top has the “Rowdy” logo on it and she has her gloves on as well. Not to mention her black shorts that say “Rousey” on it in red and her white/red short boots/shoes. There is also a chase variant with a black top but we unfortunately didn’t have our hands on it in time for this review but you can still see it in the gallery below.

Overall, it’s a nice figure of her honestly. If you’re a fan I’d recommend picking it up as it’s well done and the detail is nice. I like it better than her 101 figure and would honestly prefer this attire as a regular Elite if they decide to make her in that line. We’ve only seen her as an Ultimate Edition figure in wrestling attire, but maybe we’ll see her as a regular Elite soon.

Lars Sullivan

Lastly we have mister controversy himself, Lars Sullivan. I was excited to get this figure when it was originally announced, before all the news came out about him and his behavior. Regardless, it’s great it actually released as I wasn’t even sure it would with everything as of late. All nonsense aside the figure looks nice for his very first. His scan features his beard and large ears that he’s known for. He has his tattoo on his right shoulder as well followed by black wrist tape on both wrists. He also has red socks sticking out from his black boots.

Overall, it’s a very simple figure but they gave him a beefy body mold to make him look menacing. It’s a cool figure if you’re a fan of his or just want to complete your WWE roster. I’d rather have an Elite of him but at this point with his absence I’m not sure if we’ll see anything of him anytime soon after this. I’d recommend picking it up as who knows how long he will be around.


Overall, this is actually a decent set. I think all the figures in the set look pretty nice honestly and some of them are really nice, like Roman and Lars. Those two are the gems of the set being Lars’ first. The Paige is really nice as well as it’s practically a flashback Elite of her in an all-black attire. Cena is nice for an updated figure as well and the Ronda is pretty cool, too.

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