Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE NXT War Games Playset In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE NXT War Games Playset In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment on Collector’s Corner where we take an in-depth look at the Mattel WWE NXT War Games playset!

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NXT Takeover War Games

The Packaging

The packaging for this playset is awesome. It’s very vibrant with the NXT TakeOver War Games logo all over it with several images of the wrestlers destroying each other in the rings. You can see all the play-ability options with destructible cage pieces as well as the weapons it comes with, too. The box is massive but everything comes packed very well inside in case you were wondering. The box art for this as a whole is great and I personally love the yellow as it really pops.

The Rings

For those unsure, this set is with the smaller, basic-style rings than the official scale ones, meaning they’re a lot smaller and cheaper. They do not have the cloth ringskirts or ring mat, rather it is all plastic. However, they do come with stickers to decorate two sides of the ring as well as the turnbuckle pads and a large WWE sticker for the middle of the mat. When you look at the gallery you will see I didn’t apply the one WWE sticker the same direction as the other, which if you’re OCD like me will drive you mad, but do know I did fix it after photographing as I had to do it very carefully. You can attach the rings together via two perforated “metal” pieces to create the interlocking platform between the rings. This is a cool feature to give it a much more authentic look.

Both rings are the spring ring style in that you can push the mat down and it will bounce back up, giving it an extra playable feature. The turnbuckle posts have hooks for the ropes to lock in to the buckle while one of the post has the ropes permanently attached. I’m not sure why Mattel does the rings this way but it is interesting. What really stood out to me about the ropes especially is that these are like an elastic rubber than fabric like all the previous toy rings have had. I’m not sure if this is new with this set or on their previous ones as I normally collect the scale ones, but this rope style is very cool to say the least. Lastly, the turnbuckles also have pegs on them to attach your figure to easier, which is very interesting as well as I’ve yet to see that on any WWE ring.

The Cage

The Cage is massive and takes a little patience to assemble. You get a bunch of turnbuckle grip pieces that attach to the different parts of the cage to help secure it to the ring. You can build the cage any way you want in that you can put the walls up however you desire. Several of the walls have breakaway pieces, such as a doorway with a hole you can burst through, as well as walls that fall down and have a hole in them for extra action. The breakaway pieces interlock into the main part of the cage very well so you don’t have to worry about it constantly falling apart or anything. The cage walls also interlock with each other very well, which is great for play and display purposes.

The Accessories

Lastly, the set comes with a tall ladder, a short ladder, a chair and a breakaway table to really help you recreate the craziness of NXT War Games. If you don’t have these accessories these are some great additions to have.


Overall, I personally think it is an awesome playset. They’ve never ever made anything War Games before so it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on this classic match in modern form. I of course would prefer it to be made for the scale rings but that would be very costly, yet very awesome. While the rings and such are the much cheaper kind, it is a great piece for your collection and it’s a great set to have as it’ll be very unique in the collection. Be sure to grab one soon as they sold out once and are only limited to 500 pieces per shipment I believe. You won’t see this at Walmart or Target either.

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