Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 84 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 84 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! This week we take a look at Mattel WWE Elite 84! The set includes:

  • Angel Garza
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Roman Reigns
  • Jeff Hardy (plus Chase variant)
  • Sheamus
  • Murphy
  • Zelina Vega (Collector’s Edition)

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Angel Garza

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The Packaging

This set features the new 2021 style Elite packaging with the red/white/blue color scheme. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Not to mention the Certified Authentic logo on the front of the box. I was able to grab everyone in the set to review for you just in time thankfully, minus the Collector’s Edition Zelina Vega. She is the Collector’s Edition exclusive to Target I believe.

Angel Garza

First up we have Angel Garza’s very first WWE action figure. This one features cloth, removable pants that do split on the sides so you can recreate his entrance with it. You can see all the Garza logos on it, too, and they velcro on the sides, which is a cool feature. Once you remove the cloth pants you can see he is sporting his blue trunks, which also have the Garza logos on it. He also features his white hand tape, short, blue knee pads with the logos and black padding underneath as well as his all-white boots. Not to mention he comes with swappable hands that can hold accessories if desired.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice figure. I like the detail in his head sculpt with his little man-bun and short-shaven sides. The blue attire also contrasts well with his skin tone, which I think looks great, too. It’s a very simple figure but he has a very simple look. The removable cloth pants is a cool feature, but in my honest opinion looks a little odd due to how it velcros. They just look kind of big on him, but I’m not sure how else they would do it. Regardless, it is a cool feature for his figure. If you’re a fan or simply want to fill your roster I recommend picking him up!

Rhea Ripley

Next up we have Rhea Ripley’s very first Elite action figure in the WWE line. It is definitely a gem of the set I must say. She is rocking a new head scan since her recent Basic-style figure that released. She has her choker collar as well as her spiked gauntlets around her wrists. She also has a removable, rubber vest that fits well over her torso with her painted-on top with her logos and designs. She also has new hands with painted fingernails doing the “rock on” taunt, which is great. Rhea also is sporting new leg molds for her intricately detailed pants that she wears and the detail is awesome to say the least. She comes with swappable gripping hands as well.

Overall, even though she only has one other figure so far, this one is really well done. The detail on it is superb as Mattel really went all out on her. As mentioned this figure is easily one of the gems in this set as they did such a great job. If you’re a fan of hers I highly recommend picking it up as it’ll more than likely be sought after.

Roman Reigns

Up next is the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns. This is probably his very best figure to date honestly, although it is missing his updated tattoos, which is the biggest gripe people have with it. This figure is closest to his current heel run as it comes with a “Wreck Everything & Leave” cloth t-shirt. He also comes with a swappable head with his hair up as well as a removable entrance vest and several pairs of hands.

Overall, this figure is pretty awesome. It is unfortunate his tattoos aren’t current, but this was probably the fastest way they could get his new persona into the line to meet demand and I feel Mattel did a great job. You know he will have plenty of other figures soon anyway, but this is a great placeholder regardless. His gauntlets are removable, too, so you can put him in his shirt without the gauntlets to recreate him cutting a promo, etc. Definitely pick up this Roman as it’s a great heel version to have in the collection!

Jeff Hardy + Chase

Now we’ll take a look at Jeff Hardy. Jeff and his Chase variant are pretty cool honestly as they represent two different periods. The main release in the blue/white facepaint has his full, new back tattoo. He also features black armbands as well as all his tattoo work on his arms, neck area and even his hands. He comes with swappable hands, one pair doing his gun finger taunt and the other fists. He also has a removable towel in the back of his black pants and he comes with a rubber shirt.

The Chase variant is very similar, but features white and red face paint as well as white armbands. The Chase features slightly less tattoo work as well on his back and left shoulder area. This one comes with swappable hands as well as the same rubber shirt.

Overall, both figures are really nice. I really like the updated tattoos on the main release one as it looks great. The detail in his tattoos and face paint is awesome to say the least. I wish he came with a cloth shirt instead of a rubber one, but it does fasten decently for the most part. Sometimes the rubber accessories are a bit of a pain as they don’t fasten well. Besides that it’s a decent figure overall, both of them that is. I recommend both, especially the main release for a long overdue update to Hardy.


Next up we have Sheamus, another guy long overdue for an updated figure. I was hoping this Sheamus would be in his suspenders and pants with the shirt as well, but this is just another older wrestling attire Sheamus similar to his recently released Basic style figure. He comes with a cloth shirt as well as a removable necklace and a swappable pair of fist hands. You can see the logos on his trunks, wrist gauntlets and his boots.

Overall, if you don’t have an Elite Sheamus this is a good one to grab. He hasn’t had an Elite in quite sometime and this one has the swappable hand feature, which is great. The shirt is a nice bonus, too. Other than that it’s not the most exciting figure of him, but it gets the job done for an update.


Lastly for this review we have Murphy, which was one I was most excited for being a fan of his. Murphy’s figure is somewhat similar to his previous Elite, but this one features his tights instead of shorts. He also comes with a rubber Messiah Rollins shirt that fasten closed on both sides as well as swappable pointing hands. He features the same head as his older one unfortunately, someone who could use a newer scan by now as well with his longer hair especially. His tights are pretty detailed though with the logos going down his legs as well as the laces on the front.

Overall, if you want a more recent Murphy figure I suggest picking this up. His older figures are a bit tough to come by, too, from what I hear. I like this figure a lot, I just wish that he had a cloth shirt instead of a rubber one as it does not fasten well sadly. That’s probably the biggest downfall of this figure, otherwise the detail on him is great otherwise.

Zelina Vega

As mentioned Zelina is the Target Collector’s Edition figure. People were surprised this was being released considering she was let go. Hopefully it does truly see the light of day considering she is no longer with the company. You can see it in more detail here:


— Wrestling Figure News Source (@WrestleFigNews) January 22, 2021


Overall, it’s a pretty decent set honestly. I love the Hardy, Roman and Rhea especially. There’s some real gems in this wave that I hope people don’t sleep on honestly. Between the new people in the line as well as super detailed, updated figures this is a great wave. Don’t sleep on the gems in this set!

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