Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 80 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 80 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Elite 80! This set features:

  • Erik
  • Ivar
  • Kyle O’Reilly (Chase variant)
  • Bayley
  • Ricochet
  • Kevin Owens
  • Rocky Johnson (Collector’s Edition)

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Raymond Rowe

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, War Raiders at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

The Packaging

This set features the last of the 2020 style Elite packaging with the red/white/black/silver color scheme. Elite 81 will begin the 2021 packaging. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Rocky Johnson is the Collector’s Edition in this set and I believe he is exclusive to Target but you can get him on Ringside.

The Viking Raiders – Erik & Ivar

Erik and Ivar are two of the coolest WWE Elite action figures in quite some time in my opinion. Mattel pretty much went all out on them and they look great. Many people complain of Erik’s skinny legs and the boot mold choice, which I do understand and respect, but besides that he looks excellent. Both of them are heavily detailed and they come with their entrance gear as well. Their attire has a ton of logos and little intricate details, like stitching and more, to give it a real authentic look. I believe they are both sporting some new torso molds as well, which makes them that much better. The tattoo work on them is very impressive and Mattel even put the tattoos on Erik’s swappable hands.

Overall, the detail on them is amazing. The fact they have their entrance gear and even their Viking horn hands is just too awesome. They’re covered in detail from head to toe, literally from the facepaint on their face to the tattoos sticking out from under their boots to the logos on their attire and more. I’m very impressed with them to say the least. I do wish Erik’s boots were better as it is a bit odd looking and perhaps some beefier legs would be great, too, but besides that I truly love these. Definitely candidates for figures of the year in my opinion.

Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle features his NXT War Games camo attire to go along with the latest Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish figures. He is very detailed with all the logos and camo designs on his shorts and kick pads. He also features a newer head scan I believe if I’m not mistaken, which looks nice. Not to mention he comes with swappable Undisputed Era style hands and one of the NXT tag belts as well as a rubber Undisputed Era t-shirt. He even has his tattoo across the left side of his chest, which is great.

Unfortunately I could not get my hands on the chase variant of Kyle for this review, but you can see him in the gallery below. He comes in his black attire much like Bobby Fish from Elite 79.

Overall, I really like this figure of Kyle. It’s very well done and super detailed. The detail truly makes this figure pop and he fits right in with the Roderick and Bobby figures. It’s too bad we aren’t getting an Adam Cole in that attire anytime soon but hopefully we will eventually. Definitely pick up Kyle to go along with Bobby and Roderick if you have them already!


Bayley finally features her updated haircut and look from when she turned heel. She also comes with one of the coolest accessories, a deflated inflatable-armed tube man as well as the blade on a stick and swappable hands. She is sporting her black and yellow attire with the logos on it as well as her tall, laced boots with the logos on them as well. Her newest head scan also looks great with her newer hairdo and a smirk on her face, which is pretty fitting.

Overall, Bayley is a great update that was highly overdue. We definitely needed this being she’s had a long heel run now and it’s done wonders for her career. I wish she had her nose ring but sadly she doesn’t. This figure truly captures her heel essence although a meaner face would’ve been even better. The accessories are pretty nice, I just wish the blade or whatever it is was painted on the stick than it being a flat color. The deflated inflatable-armed tube man though is an awesome accessory and Mattel knocked it out of the park. You can even see the fan with the holes in the sides on the base of it, which is really cool to say the least.


Many collectors were annoyed by this figure as it’s practically a repaint of the same figure we’ve had a few times now. People want him to have an updated head scan by now and I honestly can relate. The figure still looks pretty good overall though. He comes in his Nightwing themed attire as well as his entrance vest with removable hoods you can put up and down. These just fasten into the front of the vest, which you can see in the gallery below. This figure is also super detailed from the tattoos on his arms and chest to the designs on his tights. The only issue with his tattoos though is that his right arm tattoos were printed on top of his wrist band than his wrist band being printed on top of it, which looks really goofy. Hopefully Mattel catches this for a running change otherwise you can probably just paint over it. He also comes with swappable open hands to recreate his entrance poses.

Overall, I wish Mattel put Ricochet in his full Nightwing-themed body suit attire than just the tights. Perhaps this was for budget purposes but it would’ve been cool to have an Elite in that outfit being it was such a different look for him. Regardless, the figure is pretty good minus the tattoo issue. If you missed out on his previous ones I recommend this one as it is still well done for the most part, it’s just not the most exciting. His vest is very nice and detailed and the swappable hood pieces is a cool feature, too.

Kevin Owens

KO was definitely overdue for a newer figure and we finally got one. This one features his latest head scan with the fade in his hair and longer beard. He looks pretty menacing, too. He also features his newer arm tattoos, which are super detailed, as well as his black wrist/hand tape and the tattoos on his left hand. He’s wearing his Stun Owens Stun shirt and his blackshorts to go along with it. Not to mention he finally has his laced boots instead of kick pads. KO was definitely due for an updated figure and this was a nice upgrade. He comes with swappable fists as well as a ladder and a silver briefcase that opens and closes.

Overall, this KO figure is pretty nice. I still feel it’s a little too fat for some reason. Something feels a bit off about his proportions but otherwise the detail on it is great. I love the updated tattoos, the longer beard and the fact he has his laced boots. I do wish he had his white wrist/hand tape instead of the black, but other than that it’s not bad at all. The accessories are a great bonus as well if you don’t happen to have any of those already.

Rocky Johnson

Lastly, we have Rocky Johnson. Surprisingly I had him in time for the review, which is a great bonus for you all as lately I have not been able to have them in time for it. That being said, this is Rocky’s first figure in the Mattel line. He comes with his entrance robe and swappable hands. While Rocky looks great, his skin tone is too dark, which I’m not sure sure how that happened as the box art showcases he has similar skin tone to that of The Rock. Besides that major issue you can see he has his afro as well as chest hair and the tattoos on his chest. He’s sporting his pink/white trunks that say RJ on it as well as have other designs followed by his white boots with the black laces and initials on the side. The cloth robe on the other hand is very nicely done and has the strap sewn into the sides. You can easily slide him into it without untying it, which is what I did as sometimes tying the knot on the robe can look goofy.

Overall, Rocky is a great addition to the line and he does looks very good, it’s just the fact his skin tone is so wrong that makes this figure a miss for Mattel. If you can look past the tone of his skin it’s a great figure, but it’s sad they botched that on him. The entrance robe is a great accessory though. It’s a decent figure overall, it just would be that much better if it was corrected. Don’t pass on it though as we may never see him in the line again.


Overall, this is a really nice set in my opinion. A lot of the figures in this set are well done and super detailed. Several needed these longtime updates, too. Definitely pick up Kyle to mostly complete Undisputed Era in their War Games attire, but you should especially pickup Bayley and the Viking Raiders. They’re very well done figures, especially the Raiders, and deserve the love and attention they deserve. While the figures of course have their flaws, there’s still a lot of good about them. These are starting to pop up briefly at retail but if you don’t want to hunt for them during the holidays I recommend ordering them from Ringside as soon as you can. The Raiders especially I feel will fly off the pegs as they’re some pretty sweet figures.

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