Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Battle Packs 63 In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Battle Packs 63 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this holiday installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand-new Mattel WWE Battle Packs 63 set featuring:

  • Brock Lesnar & Seth Rollins
  • Big E & Xavier Woods
  • Finn Bálor & Bobby Lashley

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the new day

Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

The Packaging

This set features the latest style packaging for 2020, the red and white color scheme. Once again we get to see some accessories, and new ones at that, with these figures, which is awesome. You can see images of the others in the set on the back as well.

Brock Lesnar & Seth Rollins

This was my most anticipated set of this series being that we finally got a Lesnar in his promo attire than always his same black shorts like we always see. Not to mention Seth in full street clothes as well. Lesnar is in one of his latest t-shirts, with logos on the front and back, followed by his track pants and boots. Rollins is also in one of his latest shirts and is wearing jeans/pants instead of his typical wrestling gear like we’ve seen a bit as of late. Rollins and Lesnar feature their latest head scans as well, which are both nice. Besides that they come with an updated Universal Championship that actually has the side plates painted, which will more than likely attract collectors to this set even more.

Overall, I really like it as I’ve wanted a Lesnar in this attire for a long while now. He’s long overdue for it and I’m glad we finally get one. The Rollins is nice as well if you want him in street clothes, but the Lesnar and the title really make this set awesome.

Big E & Xavier Woods

These two are pretty great as well and go along with the Kofi Kingston from Series 103. Big E features a new head scan with the cheesy grin on his face while Xavier unfortunately features one of his older scans. He’s really overdue for a new one honestly. They both feature their cartoon-style attire, which looks to be inspired by One Punch Man possibly? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but the drawings on their attires reminds me of that, which is really cool and fun. They’re both very colorful figures, making them unique New Day figures if you enjoy collecting them. Not to mention they come with plates of pancakes, which is an awesome accessory. It’s too bad they don’t come with a single pancake as well.

Overall, this is a fun set if you’re a fan of the New Day and want them to go along with Series 103 Kofi Kingston. My guess is collectors will love this set mostly for the pancakes accessories, but the attires are really cool nonetheless.

Finn Bálor & Bobby Lashley

While there’s nothing wrong with this set, I’d say it’s probably the weakest of the bunch as it’s just not as fun of a set as the others. Bálor has his new, smiling scan, which looks fantastic. He’s in his black Bálor Club attire with the red on his knee pads. Lashley comes in his black and white attire with a removable headband followed by his white/black wristbands and boots. Not to mention they come with the Intercontinental Championship before it changed designs of course.

Overall, the figure looks nice, but the set itself just isn’t all that exciting. Perhaps Bálor having his best scan to date and the IC title being included will help move it along.


It’s a pretty good Battle Pack series. The Lesnar is my favorite as it’s an outfit people have been wanting for quite some time now , not to mention the Universal title is really nice and new. The New Day figures are nice, just wish Xavier had a new scan. And if you didn’t get the Elite 2-pack with AJ and Bálor then you will like the scan on him in this set. If you like these guys, attires or simply want some newer figures of them all I recommend picking these up, especially that Lesnar set.

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