Collector’s Corner: Funko Marvel Lucha Libre – Funko POPs!, Plush and POP! Keychains In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Funko Marvel Lucha Libre – Funko POPs!, Plush and POP! Keychains In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take an early look at the upcoming Funko POP! Marvel Lucha Libre POPs, Plush and Keychains! The luchadores featured in this article include:

  • El Héroe Invicto (Iron Man)
  • El Animal Indestructible (Wolverine)
  • El Venenoide (Venom)
  • El Chimichanga de la Muerte (Deadpool)
  • La Estrella Cósmica (Captain Marvel)
  • El Furioso (Hulk)
  • El Aracno (Spider-Man)

These Marvel luchadores are based on the recent announcement from Disney that there will be official AAA Marvel inspired luchadores performing in Latin America in 2021.

Funko POPs:

The first set of Marvel Lucha Libre Funko POPs include all of the luchadores listed above. They come in the typical Funko POP box that’s decorated with vibrant designs and images of the specific luchador as well as showcasing all in the set on the back. La Estrella Cósmica even comes with a display stand to help hold her up as her legs are thinner than the others in the set. Each POP is also a bobblehead, which is similar to other Funko POPs released in the past.

Each POP is extremely vibrant with color and amazing detail from head to toe. You can see all the different styles of masks, such as Venom or Spider-Man that highlight aspects of each superhero or villain they are based on. While they don’t have articulation you can still display them in their iconic poses as if they’re ready to go toe to toe in the squared circle. The detail on these are quite impressive for their scale, from the stitching in their masks to the hair sticking out from under the mask to even the spiderweb designs on the Spider-Man luchador; and Funko did a wonderful job evoking the personality of each luchador/superhero through each of them.

Whether you’re excited for this new journey in AAA with Marvel or simply want your favorite superheroes turned into wrestlers you will definitely want to pick these up! There’s someone for everyone, that’s for sure!

Funko POP Keychains:

The POP Keychains are actually miniaturized versions of the POPs that have a keychain chain/latch on them that you can attach to your keys, backpack or what have you. You could even unscrew the chain from it if you wanted to have mini versions of them. While I only had a few from the set to showcase for you, every character in the main POP line also has a keychain to coincide with them. These are also super detailed, which is even more impressive as they’re so small compared to a POP. They come in a nice, mini box, too, if you prefer to keep them mint as a lot of POP collectors like to do.

Funko POP Plush:

The Funko POP Plush Marvel luchadores are very similar to the old Wrestling Buddies plush from back in the day, which has a lot of older collectors excited as it brings back a lot of nostalgia. Not to mention these will probably fit in quite well with those as the scale on them seems quite similar. The plush are super detailed and highlight each luchador listed above as well. They’re also very detailed, from the designs on their masks to the strings on the back of their mask to even the designs on their trunks and boots. While these are super detailed they are all one piece of fabric than separate parts, such as a mask being sewn on separate to that of the body, if that makes sense. Everything is flush on it in that the designs are printed than sewn on.

For anyone who loves the old Wrestling Buddies you will definitely love these because who doesn’t love Marvel superheroes and wrestling? It’s the best of both worlds with a bit of nostalgia thrown right in!

Where to Buy

These will be available on as well as at specific retailers in Latin America starting in early/mid-December. You will most likely find the POPs at most retailers that sell them, but are of course subject to availability. The plush versions will be sold specifically at these retailers in the following countries:


  • Gameplanet
  • Walmart
  • Liverpool
  • Epicland
  • Amazon
  • Elektra
  • Distritomax


  • Piticas
  • Ri Happy
  • Atacado Games
  • Amazon


  • Phantom
  • Law Gamers
  • Tai Toys
  • Falabela


Overall, this is honestly one of the coolest crossovers I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime as Marvel and professional wrestling combined just makes so much sense. The characters scream wrestling storytelling and the fact this is becoming a true reality besides just a toy line is awesome. The toys have me excited as the costumes seem so extravagant and detailed that I have a great feeling it’s going to be an awesome show for AAA in 2021. Don’t pass up on getting these POPs as these are honestly some of the coolest I have in my collection. If you’re a diehard wrestling fan and comic book/superhero fan then you will want to add these to yours! If you’d like to see them more in-depth be sure to check out our in-depth video here! In the meantime keep an eye out for these to start popping up at retail and online very soon!

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