Collector’s Corner: Forever Collectibles WWE Bobblehead – Seth Rollins (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Forever Collectibles WWE Bobblehead – Seth Rollins (Photos)

Today we take a look at the latest Forever Collectibles WWE Bobblehead of Seth Rollins! You can currently order him here and several others on the Forever Collectibles website.

The Packaging

The packaging for Rollins is just like the other bobbleheads with the white, silver and red style packaging that looks like the WWE toy line for 2019. On the front is an image of the Rollins bobblehead with nothing on the sides and a large image of Rollins on the back.

Inside, the bobblehead is surrounded by really thick styrofoam and each part, the figure and based, are individually wrapped for protection.

The Head Sculpt

Once you remove Seth from the packaging, you can see this beautiful piece. Seth is individually wrapped as mentioned above from the display stand, which is great. He has a piece of foam tucked under his neck to prevent the head from rattling in the box, which is great.

Looking at the head the likeness is pretty spot on. Sometimes the FOCO sculpts can be a bit off, but this one they did a fantastic job on in my opinion. The detail in the facial hair is great even down to the waves in his hair, just spectacular detail.

The Body and Attire

The body and attire are very detailed as well, with his wrist gauntlets even having the strings on them to make them look as authentic as possible. That’s something you don’t even see on the action figures, which is a really nice touch.

He has a giant Seth Rollins logo on his belt around his waist, which is pretty detailed as well. Followed by his black and gold attire, which is simple but looks nice. Then lastly he has his black knee pads and kick pads.

Lastly, Seth has a screw in his right foot to lock him to the display base. On the screw is a washer and bolt to help fasten him to it.

The Display Stand

The stand is really cool as it looks similar to a smaller WWE stage you’d see at a house show. It has lights and the WWE logo sculpted on the the top followed by the entrance structures. In the middle is a giant Seth Rollins logo that says “The Undisputed Future: Seth Rollins” on it with an illustration of him. The base looks like perforated metal, which is foot fastens into, and the ramp says “Seth Freakin’ Rollins” on it.

The sides feature mini images of Seth, which is really cool in my opinion as it’s fun to study it and see all the different moments they captured.

The back of the base has the SR logo followed by Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim.


Overall, this is one of my favorites of the latest batch of FOCO WWE Bobbleheads. The detail is really nice on him, even for a simple attire, and his base is really cool. He fits in well with all the others and I highly recommend picking this one up if you enjoy collecting WWE Bobbleheads. This is definitely one of the better ones they’ve done in my opinion, so don’t miss out!

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