Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Undertaker Bobblehead In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Undertaker Bobblehead In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take an early in-depth look at the upcoming FOCO WWE Undertaker bobblehead!

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The Undertaker

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

The Packaging

Normally this would come in the typical FOCO WWE Bobblehead packaging with the white box with the black/red color scheme as seen with several of the other bobbleheads we’ve reviewed on here. On the box is usually an image of the actual bobblehead and an image of the wrestler. Within the package the bobblehead is packed in thick styrofoam. The figurine and stand are then wrapped in a plastic bag as well as have foam cushioning where appropriate, such as under the head around the neck to prevent damage.

Unfortunately since this is an early production sample we were not provided with a box as it doesn’t officially release until later this year.

The Figurine

The Undertaker figurine is nicely done in my opinion. The sculpt looks just like him, too, which is great. You can see his eyes are rolled back in typical Undertaker fashion. He has his hat with the strap going around the top as well as his detailed facial hair and hair slicked back. He’s wearing his iconic trench coat, which is painted glossy to make it look like leather. The coat even has details in it, such as wrinkles, to make it look that much more authentic. Undertaker has his finger-less gloves as well, which are decently detailed. Lastly, Taker’s boots are also painted with a gloss finish to make them look more authentic and he has a screw in his right boot to secure him to the display stand.

The Display Stand

The display stand is really well done. While it is the same mold as all the others the designs on this one are really nice. I really love the purple and white color scheme they chose for this knowing purple is such an iconic color of the Undertaker. You can see it says “Rest in Peace” on it as well as “Undertaker” below his feet. Behind Undertaker you can see the beautiful graphic of Undertaker removing his hat. The back side of the stand has Undertaker’s logo on it and mini Undertaker logos cover the bottom sides and back. If you look closely at them you can see nods to the many different periods of Undertaker’s career, such as American Badass. The WWE logo and stage lights are also on the top of the stand. I’m not sure why they have one red light as that looks out of place but other than that it looks awesome.


Overall, I really like and recommend this one. Undertaker is one of my childhood favorites, as he most likely is for others, and FOCO did an excellent job of capturing him. With such a simple figurine the detail on it is great and the likeness is spot on. The display stand really pops compared to the others they’ve made and it just looks fantastic overall. I’m a little annoyed the screw in Taker’s foot is too short as you can’t use the washer to protect the under side like the others. His feet also hang over the ramp a bit, which I’m not sure why they did it that way. Besides those things I think it’s one of their best ones and highly recommend it if you’re able to order one.

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