Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE – Triple H & Edge Bobbleheads In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE – Triple H & Edge Bobbleheads In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we’ll be taking a look at the latest FOCO WWE Bobbleheads of:

  • Triple H
  • Edge

These are currently available for order on the FOCO website and you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG10 at checkout!


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The Packaging

Triple H and Edge each come in a big, colorful box with a nice, large image of the bobblehead on the front. The color scheme is very similar to that of the 2020 Mattel WWE action figures, too. The rest of the box has designs all around it and images of each wrestler on the back like the others have had in the past. Within the box they each come in a very thick piece of styrofoam as well as come individually wrapped from the display base. They also have a nice foam ring around their neck to prevent the bobblehead from rattling in transit.

Triple H

Up first we have Triple H. He comes in a massive sized box compared to that of the others in that he comes with two sledgehammers in his hands, making him a bit wider for packaging sake. Fear not he is packed just as nicely as the others. Triple H is a flashback with his long hair that’s even in his face. He is yelling as usual, too. He comes with two sledgehammers in his hands as mentioned and features his black trunks with one of his old school logos and his knee pads as well as his boots. He also has his white hand and finger tape, which is a great detail. Lastly, he has the bolt and screw on his foot, which is partially painted black, to fasten him to his base.

Not to mention Triple H comes with the typical base the others do, but this one is personalized for Triple H. It says “Call to Power” on the ramp as well as has his logos on the front and back of the base. The base is also themed in black/green for Triple H’s sake and says “King of Kings” along the base on the right. Not to mention there are also little icons around the base that relate to Triple H.

Overall, I really like this one a lot. The likeness on him is fantastic, especially for a flashback version. I’m so used to him without hair it’s nice to see him with hair again. The sledgehammers are a cool accessory, too. The base is super decorative, which looks great as it compliments him well. The paint apps on him aren’t perfect, but these are hand painted so I will give it a pass. I highly recommend this one though if you are a fan of his as it’s honestly one of FOCO’s best to date.


Next we have the “Rated ‘R’ Superstar,” Edge! This one is also pretty nice I must say. Edge comes in his Royal Rumble return attire with his trench coat and all. He is doing his entrance pose with his hands up doing the rock on taunt. He also has a huge grin on his face with his hair slicked back and even a hint of gray in his beard, which is a great attention to detail. His trench coat is pretty detailed, too, although it of course is missing some logos and such, but it captures the look and feel pretty well. His tights have most of his logos as do his knee pads and kick pads/boots. The kick pads are molded realistically onto the boot, which is probably my favorite minor detail of the figure. He also has the bolt and screw on his foot, which is partially painted black as well. This helps fasten him to his base.

He also comes with the typical base they all come with, but his is decked out in Edge themed designs. It has the modern WWE logo as well as his “Rated R” and name logos on the front/ramp. The front side says “Rated ‘R’ Superstar” on it, too. The sides have little “Rated R” logos around the sides while the back has a “You Know Me” logo on it.


Overall, this latest batch is really good. Sometimes the likeness is a bit off, but not often really. These two look really good I must say and the detail is nice. Sure they’re missing some detail, but some of it is hidden by the base so you wouldn’t see it anyway. I do recommend both of these though and if you’d like to see them more up close be sure to check out my video review.

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