Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Bobblehead Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Bobblehead Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take an early look at the upcoming Forever Collectibles WWE Macho Man Randy Savage bobblehead courtesy of FOCO themselves! You can currently pre-order him here and SAVE 10% with code MBG10 until March 12th. He officially releases at the end of May 2020 along with Fiend and Ultimate Warrior so far. That discount code works on any of their WWE bobbleheads by the way.

macho man

The Packaging

Normally this would come in the typical FOCO WWE Bobblehead packaging with the white box with the black/red color scheme as seen with several of the other bobbleheads we’ve reviewed on here. On the box is usually an image of the actual bobblehead and an image of the wrestler. Within the package the bobblehead is packed in thick styrofoam. The figurine and stand are then wrapped in a plastic bag as well as have foam cushioning where appropriate, such as under the head around the neck to prevent damage.

Unfortunately since this is an early production sample we were not provided with an official box as it doesn’t officially release until May as mentioned above.

The Figurine

This Macho Man is extremely vibrant and colorful as a ton of detail went into his attire. This may even be the most detailed bobblehead they’ve made so far. While Macho’s likeness isn’t one hundred percent perfect in my opinion it still captures the real essence of him with his awesome attire. He’s super detailed from head to toe, from his signature cowboy hat to his sunglasses to the jacket with tassels to his tights. He’s doing his typical pointing taunt as well. He has tall white boots with the laces as well with a screw/bolt on the bottom to secure him to the stand. Still looking at this figurine I am super impressed with how much effort went into perfecting him as they easily could’ve chosen a less detailed attire.

The Stand

Macho’s stand is similar to that of all the others with the old WCW-looking stage with the metal truss, ramp and stage lights. On top is the modern WWE logo while the background focuses on Macho Man. The ramp is colorful and says “Randy Savage” while the front right pillar says “Macho Man” on it. The back has a giant drawing of Macho’s head followed by “Randy Savage” above it. The name on the ramp makes it great for display purposes so you can easily identify each wrestler if for some odd reason you don’t know who they are. It’s just a great look for display purposes, not meant to be taken literally.


This bobblehead is pretty awesome. As mentioned a few times already the detail on him is very impressive compared to all the ones they’ve released so far. I’ve been a fan of Macho since I was little so it’s great to add him to the ever growing FOCO collection. If you’re a fan of Macho I highly recommend adding him to your collection and be sure to take advantage of that discount code running until March 12th. Any savings help and these bobbleheads are honestly worth the price if you’re into these types of collectibles.

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