Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Bobbleheads – Lesnar, Heyman, Lynch, Austin & Hardy (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Bobbleheads – Lesnar, Heyman, Lynch, Austin & Hardy (Photos)

On this week’s installment of Collector’s Corner we give you a very early inside look at the FOCO WWE Bobbleheads of:

  • Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman
  • Becky Lynch
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Jeff Hardy

These are all currently available for pre-order here on the Forever Collectibles website. The only one not in this review will be Seth Rollins but hopefully we’ll be able to review him for you soon!

These samples are so early that we don’t even have the typical formal packaging to show you, but these will come in a nice, vibrant box like the others.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman

This is the first deluxe style bobblehead from FOCO featuring not one, but two bobbleheads on one display stand. You get the menacing beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar, screaming while his advocate, Paul Heyman, introduces him to the ring. This is a really cool display piece seeing that they both come together as a package deal.

The likenesses are pretty good, Lesnar’s a bit better than Heyman’s, but they captured them overall quite well. Sculpts on bobbleheads can be tough to perfect as you’ve seen on previous FOCO WWE Bobbleheads we’ve shown, but these are pretty good for the most part. The detail in their attire is quite nice. Lesnar is missing some logos while Heyman is missing the WWE logo on his mic but other than that it’s pretty nice. Their display stand is very detailed as you can see the Lesnar logos on the front and back and even the sides, which is awesome.

Overall, I like this one being a big fan of Paul Heyman. His likeness could be a bit better but I still love it overall. It’s really cool they came together. You can mount them with the screws in their feet to the stand so they don’t risk falling and breaking. If you’re a fan of this iconic duo I recommend pre-ordering it as it’s honestly a very cool display piece.

Becky Lynch

Becky is a nice attempt but is the bobblehead most have bagged on since images surfaced as her likeness isn’t quite there. The rest of the bobblehead looks very nice but the likeness seems off, which could simply just be the paint apps that would help it pop more. The detail on her, such as the braid in her and her colorful shoes are a really nice touch. She has her “The Man” t-shirt on followed by her black pants with the zippers. Her display stand is covered in Becky Lynch imagery as well, which is cool. She, too, is mounted by a screw in her foot that goes through the base.

Overall, if Becky’s likeness was better this bobblehead would be really nice but unfortunately many will not look past that. Hopefully they can do her justice in the future but it’s still a cool bobblehead for anyone whom is a fan of Becky.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin is my favorite of this set I’d say. The likeness is pretty nice and the detail in his simple attire is really nice. From the hair of his beard to his vest, shorts and knee braces. Even his wristbands are molded instead of painted, making him look that much more authentic. He also has his black shoes. There are some details missing, such as his tattoo on his left leg and the logo on the back of his vest but besides those things he looks really nice. His display stand is also pretty cool with the smoking skull and other details on it.

Overall, a really nice bobblehead in the set. If you’re a fan of Austin I highly recommend picking this one up as it will add to your collection or help you start one. FOCO really knocked this one out of the park.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff is probably my other favorite so far out of this latest batch as he’s so vibrant. There’s a ton of detail on him and his colors really pop. From his decorative face paint to the sleeves on his shirt. Jeff does not have all of his tattoo work on his neck or hands but that’s understandable as that can be really elaborate. His pants and shoes are nicely detailed as well. Looking at his display stand FOCO captured the essence of Hardy with the awesome logo of Matt and Jeff right behind him followed by the Hardyz logo on the back and Jeff’s name on the plate. Not to mention the upside down Hardyz logos all along the sides.

Overall, Jeff is really nice. Even though he’s covered in face paint his likeness still looks a lot like him, which is awesome. The detail on him is great, such as the fade in his side burn area of his hair and of course his attire. If you’re a Hardyz fan this will be a great addition to your collection. Highly recommend this one, too.


This is a pretty nice batch of bobbleheads from FOCO. The Rollins not in this review looks great from the images that surfaced so far, which you can also see on the FOCO website. Hopefully I’ll have him soon to review for you guys. Some in this batch are better than others of course, as some have been before, but they’re still a very nice presentation overall if you can look past some of the flaws. If you’re expecting these to be perfect then I don’t recommend you buy them as each is missing some details here or there but overall capture the essence of each wrestler. I’m personally pretty excited to add all of these to my new FOCO bobblehead collection!

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