Colby Corino Is Driven To Succeed As A Father And A Wrestler, Had Fun On RAW Underground

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Colby Corino Is Driven To Succeed As A Father And A Wrestler, Had Fun On RAW Underground

colby corino

Colby Corino recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo and discussed several topics. One highlight includes Corino’s thoughts on how being a father has changed his career as a wrestler:

Corino: “It actually drives me, it kind of like, some people have kids and they start falling out of love with wrestling or need to take time off . Like, I feel like having my son has driven me to succeed and make everything work so I can a living from wrestling for my family.

“I just wanna see myself be able to make a living for my family through wrestling, no matter where that is or how I do that, I’m fine with it.”

Corino also reflected on his experience as an extra on RAW Underground:

Corino: “I’ve been an extra at other TVs before, like pre-pandemic, and it seemed like everything was like, I don’t know, I’m not saying business as usual because everyone was wearing masks and there was a lot more like precautions taking place, with all the testing and stuff, but like when we were actually there and everyone was working, like the hustle and bustle seemed very normal to me, like normal for WWE backstage, you know?”

“RAW Underground, that was actually a ton of fun, believe it or not. In Pennsylvania, I used to train at a school called The Sanctuary, and some weeks we would just take off the ropes and train so that the students wouldn’t get so reliant on using the ropes. So I felt a little prepared to do the RAW Underground stuff, you know?

The full interview is available here:

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