Cody Rhodes: There’s ‘Almost No Chance’ I’m Turning Heel, It’d Be Like Swimming Upstream

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Cody Rhodes: There’s ‘Almost No Chance’ I’m Turning Heel, It’d Be Like Swimming Upstream

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Almost two years after its first event, All Elite Wrestling has offered fans the chance to see many captivating things. From the thrilling debut of Jon Moxley to the buzzworthy reunion of the Bullet Club, AEW has proven that the possibilities are endless.

But there’s one creative path the company hasn’t followed — a Cody Rhodes heel turn.

Just a few years ago, Rhodes was one of the top heels in the wrestling business, so many fans have wanted to see Rhodes adopt this villainous persona in AEW. Instead, “The American Nightmare” has remained the face of the company, and he has consistently been featured as a pure babyface character. Based on a recent tweet, fans shouldn’t expect this situation to change anytime soon.

When a fan’s tweet suggested that Rhodes will turn heel, the former AEW TNT Champion kindly shot them down. He explained that he’s been honing his skills as a babyface, and his AEW run has allowed him to form a strong connection with the fans. As a result, he stated that a heel turn would be like swimming upstream.

Literally almost no chance my friend. After a decade of honing my skills at this, and the last 3 – 4 years of such a strong and growing connection with my fans…I’d be a fool to throw it away and swim upstream.

— Cody (@CodyRhodes) April 16, 2021

Rhodes made it clear that he probably won’t portray a bad guy in the near future. With his wife, Brandi expecting a child, along with the upcoming premiere of his reality show, “Rhodes to the Top,” Rhodes seems like a natural babyface at this point.

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