Cody Rhodes Talks AEW Injury Reports, Tag Team Presentation On Dynamite

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Cody Rhodes Talks AEW Injury Reports, Tag Team Presentation On Dynamite

During this week’s media call, AEW executive vice-president Cody Rhodes fielded many questions in anticipation of AEW: Dynamite’s debut on TNT later tonight. Wrestlezone’s own Bill Pritchard was part of the festivities and asked a pair of questions after the main portion of the call concluded. Cody answered about AEW putting out a public injury report and how tag teams would be presented on the weekly Dynamite broadcast

Cody on AEW issuing a public talent injury report

I think that’s a really great idea. We have an actual injury report amongst our team medical, as we call them. Tony Khan and Brandi Rhodes help organize a real good medical team with PC units spread across America and Dr. Michael Samson. Tony Khan brought in Chris Nowinski to help with concussion protocol and build that out for us. Pubically, I think that’s a great idea. I think that transparency with the fans is massive because all you have to do is go online to see what happened. If the news comes right from the source, you feel a little safer about it. I feel like it’s a great idea, certainly something to look into.

Cody on how tag teams will be presented on weekly TV during the tag-team tournament

We were focused on building the tag division with quality true tag team duration if that makes any sense. In the tag matches, you can’t have a tag in four minutes. I mean, you can, anyone can win on any given night. But, showcasing tag team wrestling with the 10-second tag rule instead of 5, and the elements Matt and Nick bring, a little bit longer bell to bell, you can have the most exciting match of the night. Whole territories were built on tag team wrestling in the past. I also think we might have the finalists of this tournament, as we get towards Charleston, to have the finals during the early goings of Dynamite. We’re not a “save anything”-type company, especially the bucks, who are at the helm of creative there. I think we want to load up our first TVs and they are at the heart of that. We are working backward, long-form storytelling is where our heart is at, but we also don’t want to give you a net on TV. We want these finals early, we want to show the beautiful belts, and we want to do that early on.

Transcriptions should be credited to Alex Santa Maria of WrestleZone

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