Cody Rhodes Shares Insight on the Scent of a Wrestling Locker Room as The Grinch Inquires

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Cody Rhodes was a recent guest on The Grinch’s Holiday Podcast, where he opined on what a wrestling locker room smells like.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On what the locker room smells like: “I doubt, Grinch, you’re familiar with this liquid that I’m going to describe. Have you ever heard of Icy Hot? It’s a very menthol-like smell. It’s not what you’d think in terms of, this might disappoint you, it doesn’t really smell grimy or dirty or gaseous, it’s more of a mentholly type smell and sometimes, you might even get the hint of a tanning oil. Bahama Boat or whatever it might be because guys like to oil up their muscles and look their best.”

On if the locker room has a smell of disappointment when guys lose matches: “There is a hint of that, perhaps, in the air. I think most of them, it’s a very optimistic locker room. They want to go in there thinking they’re to leave with a big W.”

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Cody Rhodes, a professional wrestler and former WWE star, recently appeared on The Grinch’s Holiday Podcast and shared his thoughts on what a wrestling locker room smells like. Rhodes provided some interesting insights into the unique scents that fill the air backstage.

According to Rhodes, the smell of a wrestling locker room is not what one might expect. Instead of a grimy or dirty odor, he described it as having a menthol-like smell, similar to that of Icy Hot. This particular scent is commonly associated with muscle pain relief products and is often used by wrestlers to soothe their bodies after intense matches or workouts.

Rhodes also mentioned that sometimes there is a hint of tanning oil in the air. Wrestlers often oil up their muscles before matches to enhance their appearance and showcase their physique. The combination of the menthol scent and the faint aroma of tanning oil creates a unique atmosphere in the locker room.

When asked if there is a smell of disappointment when wrestlers lose matches, Rhodes acknowledged that there might be a hint of it in the air. However, he emphasized that the overall atmosphere in the locker room is one of optimism. Wrestlers enter the ring with the mindset of leaving with a victory, and they strive to maintain a positive attitude despite any setbacks.

It’s important to note that while Rhodes provided these insights, the smell of a wrestling locker room may vary depending on various factors such as the venue, the wrestlers present, and personal preferences. Each wrestling promotion or event may have its own distinct scent due to the different products used by wrestlers and the specific environment they create.

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In conclusion, Cody Rhodes shed some light on the unique smells that fill a wrestling locker room. From the menthol-like scent of Icy Hot to the faint aroma of tanning oil, the combination creates a distinctive atmosphere. Despite the occasional hint of disappointment, wrestlers maintain an optimistic mindset as they strive for victory in the ring.