Cody Rhodes Shared A Nice Behind-The-Scenes Moment With Mike Tyson And Rubbed Baby Oil On Him

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Cody Rhodes Shared A Nice Behind-The-Scenes Moment With Mike Tyson And Rubbed Baby Oil On Him

Cody Rhodes had Mike Tyson present him with his new championship on Saturday, but the new AEW TNT Champion shared another “surreal” moment the two shared this weekend.

Rhodes was doing media rounds today and stopped by the Rich Eisen Show, where he spoke about hosting wrestling events in a pandemic, Tom Brady’s golf game—and baby oil. While the two were discussing Mike Tyson’s appearance on the pay-per-view, Rhodes praised Tyson’s efforts and also shared that he got to rub baby oil on the boxing legend to help him look jacked on camera.

“He went above and beyond. His obligation was to bring the TNT Championship and bring it to the winner. It’s a brand new belt, and in true Mike fashion, in true shenanigan and pro wrestling fashion, chased Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts off and that was a beautiful moment.

“I also shared—I haven’t told anyone this—but I shared a nice moment with Mike behind the scenes where he used a little bit of my baby oil to put on his chest and his arms. I helped him rub it in, it was pretty surreal. Pretty surreal but I wanted him to look as jacked as possible. That guy looks great, by the way. Absolutely great. Just so fun to have him.”

Eisen clearly had some fun with this as he asked Cody if Mike asked for the baby oil or if he offered it, and Cody said Mike asked.

“I think he saw all of the wrestlers who are typically putting on a little baby oil or water. Wrestling tradition, I made sure he had it. But before we went out, he just kind of sprayed it. It was this spray bottle of it, he just sprayed it on his chest and his arms.”

Eisen reacted to the application method by saying “you can’t have that…”, so Cody agreed and said you’ve got to rub the oil in. He also added that Mike continued training at the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice facilities with Vitor Belfort, and said he thinks a lot of people want to see a trademark Tyson knockout if he returned to the ring.

“It’s classic ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Rogers, even before ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, you’ve got to rub that stuff in and I was able to assist in that moment. A real bond over that moment. I was doing the same thing. That, and the fact that he handed me the title were big walk away moments for me over the weekend.”

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