Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will Come To Canada In 2020

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Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will Head To Canada In 2020

Cody Rhodes

Photo Credit: James Musselwhite

Cody Rhodes caught up with TSN’s Jonathan Chan out of Canada to discuss all things AEW and in addition to talking the growth of the brand, “The American Nightmare” touches upon bringing All Elite Wrestling up to his neighbors up north.

“I have the best respect for the Canadian wrestling fans and they’ve always been incredibly good to me,” said Rhodes. “There’s no way you can start a global wrestling company without making plans to go to Canada and making Canada a part of your fabric.

“For people watching on TSN, just stay tuned and that will come to fruition. There are definitely plans for 2020 in Canada because it’s a great audience and everyone likes to wrestle in Canada. I look forward to it.”

Before he dropped that news, Rhodes discussed how fan experience is the true blue indicator a wrestling company should worry about to know if their promotion is headed in the right direction:

“The true secret of wrestling is there is no single way to do wrestling. The only indicator that you did it right is the live audience,” said Rhodes. “There’s nothing more important than getting over with the fans.

“When that little kid and [their] dad are standing in the front row instead of sitting down and they’re enjoying it, and then go home and you see them wrestling on the sidewalk as you’re pulling out of the parking lot. Fan experience is the only indicator on if you’re doing it right.”

You can read the entire article by going here.

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