Cody Rhodes On AEW’s Sports Focus: Titles Hold ‘A Lot Of Stake’

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Cody Rhodes On AEW’s Sports Focus: Titles Hold ‘A Lot Of Stake’

Speaking with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cody and Brandi Rhodes addressed how AEW’s sports focus would affect everything about the promotion. “The league itself. The standings. The wins and losses mattering. The titles holding a lot of stake.” Cody doesn’t want AEW to just be another wrestling organization, he wants to push things forward.

It’s changed from when Harley Race was the first guy taking a back drop in St. Louis to now. It’s gonna change. They were mad at Harley Race then and they’re mad at Private Party for doing high spots now, but it’s gonna change and we have to be ready for that. The audience is changing. The product is changing.

Speaking of people being mad, Brandi and Cody also addressed their social media presence. Brandi doesn’t see a problem with being on platforms like Twitter. “If there’s a conversation to be had, I don’t think I should ignore it. I think that’s one of the charms of our organization, that we are willing to engage with the fans and chat with them and have these discussions back and forth. So yeah, I’ve never understood why I should ignore a fanbase that I cherish.”

Cody is quick to add that they don’t want to signal boost bad actors on those platforms. “Three people tweeting three hundred times is still only three people. So, the moment you signal boost that and you give that negativity this big spotlight, it’s just bad. We’re all, our entire generation, is getting better at dealing with it.”

For more, including talk about diversity in AEW and the story of the AEW World Title going missing, you can check out the full interview excerpt embedded below:

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