Cody Rhodes On AEW Rampage: It Won’t Be Competing With Dynamite, It’ll Be Complementary

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Cody Rhodes On AEW Rampage: It Won’t Be Competing With Dynamite, It’ll Be Complementary

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW‘s second network television show is on the horizon.

AEW EVP and former TNT Champion Cody Rhodes spoke to the media ahead of this weekend’s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view and he was asked about the company’s upcoming ‘AEW: Rampage‘ show buy WrestleZone’s very own Bill Pritchard.

Tony Khan isn’t lying to you when he says that Rampage will be treated with the same care that Dynamite is. I know in the business, often when a new show comes up, it might be considered a secondary show, this is not. Much like when the TNT title was created, it wasn’t a secondary title. I also know that a lot of people are concerned with what will happen with AEW: Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation, those shows are fan-favorite pieces of content and we’re absolutely going to continue to produce them. I think when we travel to not only be touching the independent scene in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the south,” Rhodes explained, “but we’re going to be looking at it case-by-case when we go to these different markets which will be something to look forward to when it comes to Dark or Elevation.

“Rampage and Dynamite are very much going to be complimentary shows. They’re not going to be competing brands, the rosters are not split and they will lean into the four mega-events that we do for TNT. If you know anything about us with what we just put on TV, we’re not a ‘save it for the pay-per-view’ type company. We have four pay-per-views a year and that logic is in this economy, its passe to say this because we’re paid for the TV content and paid incredibly well. So, those four specials will be ala Clash Of The Champions, that’s the best example I can give you and perhaps Saturday Night’s Main Event as you know Tony likes to [give a theme to] Dynamites often, per holidays, per events and these will be conversing stories is a good way to look at it when it comes to these four specials,” Rhodes stated. “But Rampage, Elevation, Dark, Dynamite, they all might have individual identities but they’re all seen as a priority. Dynamite and Rampage are absolutely complimenting each other.”

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