Cody Rhodes Not Planning To Use His Last Name In Pro Wrestling, Happy To Have It Back

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Cody Rhodes Not Planning To Use His Last Name In Pro Wrestling, Happy To Have It Back

Cody Rhodes is happy to be “Cody Rhodes” again but he says it’s more for outside interests instead of in the professional wrestling world.

Cody took part in Thursday’s AEW Full gear media call and was asked by WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about acquiring the trademark rights to “Cody Rhodes” again. Cody made an announcement to the live crowd after last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, explaining that as of Wednesday, he no longer had “just one name” and said it “feels really good to be Cody Rhodes again”. Earlier in the day, WWE canceled its trademark on the name and finalized it, opening the door for Cody to own the rights to the name, but he says he doesn’t see himself using it in wrestling.

“When I get the opportunity with the live crowd to send them home with some note, I always assume it’s confidential, which is the silliest thing when you’re talking to a live crowd with cameras everywhere. I’m very happy about being ‘Cody Rhodes’ again. The details of it all aren’t important” Cody explained, “other than it was a very positive, no hard feelings on either side type of scenario. I will say it’s not something I will probably use in the wrestling space.”

“I’ve gotten very used to ‘The American Nightmare Cody’. I like how Justin Roberts says it; I just like it. I’ve liked it for some time. Where I’m most excited about ‘Cody Rhodes’ being available again is when it comes to third-party ventures and things like Go BIG Show, the show I was part of that’s coming to TBS, and other projects like that only because in our wrestling bubble that we’re all in,” Cody said, “we’re all a family and we’re part of it, all of us, everyone knows the saga of Cody Rhodes. When you dip your toes into different waters and other worlds they might not understand and they don’t need that pre-existing equity or baggage, so it will be nice to finally tell them what they can credit on the screen and where the SAG credits can go and things of that nature. It was a very special day. I’m happy it worked out and I’m very thankful for everybody who was involved.”

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