Cody Rhodes: Jeff Cobb’s AEW Status Is ‘Still In Gestation’

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Cody Rhodes: Jeff Cobb’s AEW Status Is ‘Still In Gestation’

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Cobb made a big impression upon debuting on AEW Dynamite but his official status with the company has remained a point of contention since last week.

Despite appearing on the show, Cobb is still a free agent with advertised appearances for Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling on his calendar. It was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet‘s Ryan Satin that Cobb’s agreement with AEW might only be for a few appearances at this time, and Cobb himself has shot down some rumors about his status on social media. In addition, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said Cobb’s short-term agreement was for the Moxley program only, with Cobb wanting to work for New Japan as much as he could.

During today’s AEW Dynamite media call, I asked Cody Rhodes if he could shed some more light on Cobb’s status based on what has been reported. Cody said he’d love to have Cobb for a longer period and he will appear past this week, but it’s still a work in progress.

“It’s still in gestation. Jeff works with New Japan, he works with Ring Of Honor and now he works with AEW. I’m a big fan of Jeff Cobb because I like shooters in wrestling. I don’t try to consider myself one with my limited amateur background, but I think Jeff is a really—he’s a tank. He’s a special athlete.

So I think honestly, to be transparent with you, it’s in gestation. I would hope that he maybe pursue the longer [tenure] with AEW but I don’t want it to impede on anything he’s doing in his soul, if that makes sense. If he wants to travel the globe and do all kinds of stuff, have at it.

That’s one of the great things about AEW, there’s no blanket contracts. Everybody’s contract is different about what they can do, where they can go, and Tony Khan has tailored and contoured contracts to speak to your sensibility. ‘Hey, if this independent means a lot to me’ or ‘going to Wrestle Kingdom means a lot to me,’ whatever it may be, it’s door’s open and we’re open for business. But Jeff, I’m sorry, I’ll just have to keep it vague with him as well because honestly, we don’t know just yet.

We do have Jeff for more than just the Atlanta show, but I’d love to see Jeff in a more long-term deal with us. He’s a special talent.”

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