Cody Rhodes Expresses Gratitude for Fan Support on RAW and Offers Insightful Perspective

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Cody Rhodes clearly heard the fans in St. Louis, MO on Monday’s episode of RAW and he wants them to “trust” him.

In his segment where he confronted Seth Rollins only to be interrupted by Drew McIntyre, there were loud “We Want Cody” and “Rocky Sucks!” chants.

Taking to Twitter after the segment, the American Nightmare wrote,

“Appreciate the passion, God bless y’all


Trust me”

Cody Rhodes Responds to Fan Chants on WWE RAW

During Monday night’s episode of WWE RAW, Cody Rhodes found himself in the middle of a passionate crowd in St. Louis, Missouri. As he confronted Seth Rollins, the audience erupted into chants of “We Want Cody” and “Rocky Sucks!” Rhodes took to Twitter after the segment to address the fans and reassure them to trust him.

The American Nightmare, as he is known in the wrestling world, expressed his gratitude for the fans’ passion in a tweet. He wrote, “Appreciate the passion, God bless y’all…but trust me.” Rhodes’ response indicates that he understands the fans’ desire to see him in action and promises that they can rely on him.

The chants of “We Want Cody” reflect the fans’ longing to see Rhodes back in the ring. Rhodes, who is a former WWE superstar, left the company in 2016 to pursue other opportunities. Since then, he has found success in various promotions, including All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he currently competes.

The “Rocky Sucks!” chants are directed at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, another beloved figure in the wrestling industry. It is not uncommon for fans to express their opinions about certain wrestlers during live events. However, it is worth noting that these chants were likely unrelated to Rhodes himself and more a reflection of the audience’s feelings towards The Rock.

Rhodes’ response on Twitter suggests that he is aware of the fans’ desires and appreciates their support. While it is unclear what exactly Rhodes meant by “trust me,” it could imply that he has something exciting planned for his future in wrestling. Perhaps he is hinting at a return to WWE or a significant storyline in AEW.

Regardless of his intentions, Rhodes’ acknowledgment of the fan chants demonstrates his connection with the audience. It shows that he values their opinions and wants to assure them that he is listening. This level of engagement is crucial for wrestlers to maintain a strong fan base and keep them invested in their careers.

The video embedded in the article captures the moment when the crowd erupted into chants during Rhodes’ segment on RAW. It provides a visual representation of the passionate atmosphere and the fans’ desire to see Rhodes back in action.

In conclusion, Cody Rhodes’ response to the fan chants on WWE RAW reflects his appreciation for the fans’ passion and his desire for them to trust him. As a popular figure in the wrestling world, Rhodes understands the importance of connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. Whether this leads to a significant development in his career remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – Cody Rhodes has the support of his fans.