Cody Rhodes Discusses His Consideration of AEW Return Prior to Re-Signing with WWE

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Cody Rhodes appeared on “The MMA Hour” podcast today, where he spoke about a wide range of topics.

During the podcast, Rhodes was asked if he considered going back to AEW before re-signing with WWE. He said,

“No. No, it’s not in any way a negative towards them, it just, I know I didn’t win the title at WrestleMania 39, but I was in the spot I always dreamed of, and I know how lucky I am to be in this spot. When I see a poster and there I am front and center amongst other unbelievably talented people. When I see the 2K24 cover. When I see the responsibility. They didn’t hand me the exact ball and say, ‘You’re the quarterback,’ but they, Nick and Hunter, certainly gave me a lot of responsibility. I feel it would have been against my being because I was slotted there, you helped put me there, and now I’m making something of it and growing it beyond what you thought it could be. I wanted to keep doing that for them. It just didn’t cross my mind. Not in a negative towards any other places. This is what I’ve enjoyed doing.”

Cody Rhodes, the professional wrestler and current WWE superstar, recently appeared on “The MMA Hour” podcast to discuss a wide range of topics. One of the questions he was asked was whether he had considered going back to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) before re-signing with WWE.

Rhodes responded by saying that he did not consider going back to AEW, but it was not in any way a negative towards them. He explained that while he may not have won the title at WrestleMania 39, he was in the spot he had always dreamed of. He expressed his gratitude for being in a position where he is front and center on posters alongside other talented individuals and featured on the 2K24 cover. Rhodes acknowledged the responsibility that was given to him by WWE executives Nick and Hunter, and he felt that it would have gone against his being to leave that position.

He further elaborated on his decision by stating that he wanted to continue making something of the opportunity given to him by WWE and grow it beyond what was initially expected. Rhodes emphasized that he enjoyed what he was doing in WWE and wanted to keep doing it for them. He made it clear that his decision to stay with WWE was not a negative reflection on any other wrestling promotion, including AEW.

This statement from Cody Rhodes sheds light on his loyalty and commitment to WWE. Despite the allure of potentially joining a new and exciting promotion like AEW, Rhodes chose to stay with WWE because he felt grateful for the position he was in and wanted to continue building on it. His words also highlight the trust and responsibility that WWE has placed in him, which further solidifies his dedication to the company.

Rhodes’ decision also speaks to the passion and enjoyment he derives from professional wrestling. He expressed how much he loves what he does and how fortunate he feels to be able to live out his dreams in WWE. This sentiment reflects the dedication and love that many professional wrestlers have for their craft, as they often sacrifice personal opportunities for the sake of their careers.

In conclusion, Cody Rhodes’ appearance on “The MMA Hour” podcast provided insight into his decision to re-sign with WWE instead of considering a return to AEW. His loyalty, gratitude, and passion for professional wrestling were evident in his response. This interview serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment that wrestlers like Rhodes have towards their chosen path and the organizations they represent.