Cody Rhodes Addresses AEW Dynamite Ratings: ‘We Are Happy And Our Partner Is Happy’

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Cody Rhodes Addresses AEW Dynamite Ratings: ‘We Are Happy And Our Partner Is Happy’

All Elite Wrestling’s viewership has dropped since its debut episode, but TNT and Cody Rhodes aren’t worried in the slightest.

“We are happy and our partner is happy,” explained Rhodes on Twitter. “We overshot projections and set a record for a WM debut. This is the era of cord cutting, simulcast and DVR bumps. We are proud of how incredible the numbers have been and know we need to work hard now more than ever.”

So, don’t expect any moves out of desperation from AEW in the near future.

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On a related note, Cody spoke to Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard last week, and talked about how concerned fans should be over things like ratings and the ‘business’ of the wrestling business. Cody said that while it’s entertaining for fans to track weekly viewership and other statistics, AEW’s goal is to make the narrative so entertaining that those figures aren’t the fans’ focus.

“We need to make what they’re seeing on the actual episode of Dynamite the focus, and we’re really, really strongly on a long-form [path], working backward from the major events. And that’s how me, Matt, Nick, Kenny, and Tony do everything in general, but WarnerMedia and the folks at Turner are really good about giving us that week-to-week, whether it’s a social Nielsen report research puts together—your graph, every kind of chart you could imagine, your actual Nielsen ratings, things of that nature. That’s so cool for me and we’ve been expecting those, but now to see them,” Cody said, “that’s great, a lot of people like it, the demographic, 18-49, it’s doing very well. But our focus should always be long-form because that will always instill that we have a great product versus a reactionary show. We don’t ever want to be a reactionary show.”

Check out the full interview below: