Cody Rhodes Acknowledges Bruce Prichard’s Genius

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While appearing on a recent episode of the “Dale Jr Download” podcast, Cody Rhodes gave high praise to WWE executive Bruce Prichard.

Prichard, who returned to WWE in 2019, currently works on WWE’s creative team. The American Nightmare said,


“At the time, when I was in OVW, the one that I needed to impress the most was a man named Bruce Prichard. He is a genius, remains a genius, in the industry, and he was Vince’s right hand. You need someone to write down all these ideas, someone to formulate. Bruce came down and knew was he was looking at. He knew me, knew that my dad cared. You could have done it as a favor for my dad, but the best favor he could do for my dad is lead me in the correct way. To this day, Bruce is still plugged in to WWE, he’s the main guy. When I lost at WrestleMania, I was adamant that I was walking up the ramp. I’m not going side ramp or ‘losers lane.’ It’s the end of the show, 80,000 people, I want to look them in the eye, say sorry or ‘we’re going to get him eventually.’ When I walked up there, I wasn’t sure I was ready to walk into Gorilla. I took a second and [Bruce] came out the curtain. He was just him and I. We had a nice moment and I’ll never forget it. In my mind, I was like, ‘I need to reverse this situation and we have this moment again.’ Bruce has been a big part of my career that I didn’t realize was a big part of my career until I got older.”

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Cody Rhodes, a professional wrestler and executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently spoke highly of WWE executive Bruce Prichard during an episode of the “Dale Jr Download” podcast. Rhodes praised Prichard’s genius and his significant role in the wrestling industry.

Prichard, who returned to WWE in 2019, currently works on WWE’s creative team. Rhodes expressed his admiration for Prichard’s ability to formulate ideas and write them down. He emphasized that Prichard knew him well and understood the importance of his father, Dusty Rhodes, in his career. Rhodes believed that Prichard’s guidance was the best favor he could do for his father.

Rhodes also shared a memorable moment with Prichard after losing at WrestleMania. As he walked up the ramp, Rhodes was unsure if he was ready to face the backstage area known as Gorilla Position. However, Prichard appeared from behind the curtain, and they had a private moment together. Rhodes expressed his desire to reverse the situation and have that moment with Prichard again.

Reflecting on his career, Rhodes acknowledged that Prichard had played a significant role that he didn’t fully realize until he got older. He praised Prichard’s continued involvement with WWE and described him as the main guy in the company.

This revelation from Rhodes sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics and the impact that individuals like Prichard have on wrestlers’ careers. It highlights the importance of having experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can guide and support talent in the wrestling industry.

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