Cody Hall, DDT Pro Agree To Part Ways After Inappropriate Remark On Twitter; Hall Issues Apology

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Cody Hall, DDT Pro Agree To Part Ways After Inappropriate Remark On Twitter; Hall Issues Apology

Cody Hall

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Cody Hall’s time in DDT Pro-Wrestling is done after the wrestling star made an “inappropriate remark” on Twitter regarding the corona virus.

Fellow pro wrestler Chris Dickinson shared a photo of himself enjoying his time in Japan and Hall made the comment, “Blah blah corona virus, welcome to the yellow fever.”

Cody Hall Tweet

DDT Pro issued the following statement on their website, stating what Cody said as “inappropriate” before mentioning that Hall apologized to the company and then offered to removed himself from their upcoming tour dates. DDT took Hall up on that offer, agreeing to severe their contract with one another:

Thank you for your support for DDT Pro-Wrestling.

Cody Hall has recently made an inappropriate comment on Twitter, and we have contacted him regarding this situation. Cody Hall has apologized to us, and has also suggested withdrawing himself from the remaining dates of his tour as well as relinquishing his Anytime Anywhere contract. In light of the gravity of his comments, we have agreed to all of his suggestions above.

All announced cards including Cody Hall will be changed, and the scheduled KO-D Tag Championship Match in Nagoya on February 24 will be cancelled. All updated cards will be announced once they are decided.

DDT Pro-Wrestling will keep working to provide pro-wrestling content that can be enjoyed by the fans. We sincerely apologize to everyone that has been affected by this situation, as well as all of our fans.

DDT Pro-Wrestling

Cody also issued an apology on his own behalf, stating that ‘he often learns things the hard way,’ he’s not very good with Twitter and loves everything about the Japanese culture and its people.

It’s come to my attention [a] joke I tried to make was has been misconstrued. I certainly seem to be bad at Twitter, but I thought I’d try to explain myself at the very least because I hate to hear people are upset.

I made a comment based on a picture I saw of a fellow wrestler with a young Japanese girl, he seemed to have a big smile on his face and this prompted me to say “forget corona virus, he’s got the yellow fever”.

In my head it was just playful and silly and trying to be friends with another wrestler. I myself have dated a Japanese woman for 5 years while also living in Japan full time. I love Japan and its people more than anywhere in the world, and I’m sorry I did anything other than say just that. And I don’t think I’ll be tweeting much more anytime soon, so I’d like to go out with a sincere apology. What I said was rude and a sensitive time, and I’m sorry to anyone offended and I thank them for letting me know.

Unfortunately I often learn things the hard way, but all I can do is try to explain myself and learn, change and never do it again. I hope this makes see, and once again I’m sorry to anyone involved.

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