CM Punk’s Latest Horror Flick Wraps Production

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CM Punk’s Latest Horror Flick Wraps Production

CM Punk

Deadline is reporting that the film Jakob’s Wife, which features CM Punk, just wrapped production. The role of Punk in the picture is not disclosed, but Travis Stevens, who directed Girl On The Third Floor, directed this film as well. The story is a supernatural horror in which a 50-something wife comes into a new sense of power, but such has ramifications. Stevens had the following to say about working on this Barbara Crampton starring production:

“Since making We Are Still Here together; I’ve been looking forward to telling more scary stories with Barbara and Larry. Jakob’s Wife has been a chance for us to dig deep in to the lives of these fictional characters and test them in ways I think genre fans are going to love seeing.”

If you’d like to get the whole hog as to how Punk and Stevens vibe together in spooky fashion, Girl On The Third Floor is now available on Netflix.

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