CM Punk Talks Chris Hero, Ohio Valley Wrestling Injuries

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CM Punk Talks Chris Hero, Ohio Valley Wrestling Injuriescm punk

Speaking with Loudwire on their recurring Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? series, CM Punk confirmed a few wrestling stories that ended up on the Internet encyclopedia. When asked about the claim that Punk stood up for Chris Hero back during the IWA Mid-South days, Punk talked about his loyalty to his friends. “I think that’s true but I’m not sure what the f*ck I was upset about. I’m loyal to a fault, even when my friends are wrong. I thought Hero should have stuck up for himself for something… maybe it was working other places, for CZW or something like that.”

Later, Punk brought up his first match in Ohio Valley Wrestling. A fellow wrestler injured his nose during his first match, which he claims was a way to “big league” him in the new promotion. Said wrestler then had to drive Punk to the hospital, which led to a great story.

“I’m in the room getting checked out by the doctor, and the doctor tells me that it’s broken.” When the doctor wouldn’t set his nose for him, Punk took things into his own hands. “I went into the bathroom and I set my nose myself. That’s why you can see my nose, it’s ugly. When I came back into the room, dude who punched me was sitting on a table and I was like “What’s wrong with you?” It turns out, the wrestler tore his quad punching Punk in the face.

For more stories, including a tale about Punk visiting a live taping of SyFy’s resident ghost hunting program, you can see the full video embedded below:

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