CM Punk Says AJ Lee Won’t Return To The Ring, Cites Neck Issues

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CM Punk Says AJ Lee Won’t Return To The Ring, Cites Neck Issues

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Queensbury Pictures / Dark Sky Films

One of the first questions wrestling fans had after CM Punk returned to the industry a few weeks back for All Elite Wrestling was if his wife AJ Lee would be following in his footsteps.

Former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled a match since March of 2015, the night after WrestleMania 31. While fans were hopeful we might see her return to the ring in the near future, Punk had to deliver some bad news.

CM Punk recently spoke with Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post to discuss all things AEW. During the interview, he shot down the idea of his wife AJ Lee returning to the ring due to her bad neck:

“I just want to say, no,” CM Punk said. “Just because [of] her neck. The reason she stopped wrestling is because of her neck. She’s got a bad neck, you know. I wouldn’t want her to jeopardize [her] health and neither would she, so we’ll put an end to that rumor right now.”

It’s probably best that CM Punk commented on this now because the longer he was back, the more people would be speculating about a potential return of AJ Lee. Now we know that’s something that simply can’t happen.

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Are you disappointed to learn that AJ Lee won’t be able to make a return to the ring? Would you like to see her in All Elite Wrestling in another capacity? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.