CM Punk Persistently Pursues Narrative With Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre in WWE RAW Episodes

CM Punk Persistently Pursues Narrative With Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre in WWE RAW Episodes
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If you didn’t catch the latest WWE Monday Night RAW (7/8/2024) and are curious about the recent developments in CM Punk’s rivalry with Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins, have no fear – we have you covered. Here is a condensed TL;DW (too long, didn’t watch) recap of the essential moments you should know from this episode.

The show started with CM Punk delivering a monologue about his betrayal towards Drew McIntyre during the WWE Money in the Bank event last Saturday in Toronto. He made it clear that all actions have repercussions, and he intends to keep antagonizing McIntyre as long as he is alive.

Seth Rollins made an appearance, expressing his annoyance because Punk’s interference in the World Heavyweight Championship match inadvertently led Rollins to lose as well. To provide some context, McIntyre had used his Money in the Bank briefcase, but was attacked by Punk, leading Damian Priest to pin him. As a result, Rollins missed his future title opportunity while Priest is the champion.

Despite Punk’s pseudo-apology, he and Rollins exchanged heated words, with The Visionary putting Punk on notice that he was next on his list.

Later on, Adam Pearce, the WWE RAW General Manager, advised CM Punk to keep his distance, stating his tendency to provoke and bait fights. Pearce warned Punk that if he continues his behavior, he will lose his match with McIntyre and any future championship opportunities. Pearce plans to discuss this with McIntyre the following week.

Whether Punk will first take on McIntyre or Rollins remains uncertain. Could it eventuate into a Triple Threat? Whose side are you on? Feel free to share your views in the comments.