CM Punk Fully Endorses ‘The Very Evil’ Danhausen Using His GTS Finisher

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CM Punk Fully Endorses ‘The Very Evil’ Danhausen Using His GTS Finisher


Photo Credit: Basil Mahmud

CM Punk is a-okay with his GTS being very “kneevil.” At last night’s ROH 19th Anniversary Show, Danhausen happened to be a force to be reckoned with as he added some memorable moves to his arsenal which included Punk’s patented “Go To Sleep” finisher. Danhausen may be more known for stealing teeth (and “human money”) rather than finishing moves, but last night he laid the knee out during the four-way match against Brian Johnson, Eli Isom & LSG. Danhausen took to Twitter to notify Punk of his thievery.

Thank you @CMPunk for the finisher. Danhausen stole it.

— Danhausen (@DanhausenAD) March 27, 2021

Punk happened to be just fine with Danhausen’s choice of offense and as a matter of fact, gave it his full backing. He does happen to make a joking reference to KENTA once taking exception to the move being utilized.

You might wanna buzz the other guy because he seems sensitive about it. Fully endorsed over here though! Very kneevil.

— player/coach (@CMPunk) March 27, 2021

Danhausen may have pulled off some new moves and dumped a literal jar of teeth into Johnson’s mouth (yup), but that wasn’t enough to get him the victory and earn him a TV Title shot. Quite the opposite actually as Johnson was nthe one who was all smiles as he covered Danhausen for the sneaky pinfall victory.

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