CM Punk Faces a New Challenge in WWE, According to Ace Steel

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Ace Steel is pleased to see CM Punk back in WWE as he believes the Best in the World has something to prove now that he has returned.

On a recent edition of the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, Steel addressed Punk’s return to WWE after close to a decade away. He said,

“I wanted to see [Punk] make that run to WrestleMania to the point where I kept thinking ‘Should I go?’ I love watching wrestling from home because I don’t have to see people bouncing in and out of me or whatever. I’m sure I would’ve had great seats, a great viewing platform there, but yeah, just a killer [that Punk is missing the event now].

“All I can think about is the comeback is going to be even more special. We have a nice reason for it happening. We have Drew McIntyre taking credit for it in such a heel storyline, elevating Drew McIntyre to this dirty son of a b**** that prayed for you to get hurt. What a line.

“[Punk] now has a dragon to slay when he comes back, like ‘I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your head.’ So when the time is right, the place is just going to unload.”

While Punk is injured and will miss competing at WrestleMania 40, it is believed that he could have a role at the show that’ll take place this April in Philadelphia, PA.

The Best in the World is being advertised for the April 1, episode of WWE Monday Night RAW which will be the go-home episode of RAW before WrestleMania 40.

After nearly a decade away from the WWE, CM Punk’s return has been met with excitement and anticipation from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. One person who is particularly pleased to see Punk back is Ace Steel, a former wrestling colleague and friend of Punk.

In a recent episode of the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, Steel expressed his thoughts on Punk’s return and the impact it could have on the wrestling world. He mentioned that he had been looking forward to seeing Punk make a run to WrestleMania, even considering attending the event himself. Steel’s admiration for Punk’s talent and his desire to witness his comeback was evident in his words.

Unfortunately, Punk’s injury has prevented him from competing at WrestleMania 40, which undoubtedly disappointed both fans and Steel. However, Steel believes that this setback will only make Punk’s eventual return even more special. He mentioned that Drew McIntyre’s involvement in the storyline, where he takes credit for Punk’s injury, adds an extra layer of anticipation and motivation for Punk to come back stronger than ever.

Steel described Punk’s return as a dragon slaying mission, where he will be coming for McIntyre’s head. This imagery highlights the intensity and determination that Punk will bring upon his return. Steel believes that when the time is right, the crowd will go wild with excitement and support for Punk.

Although Punk won’t be able to compete at WrestleMania 40, there are rumors that he may still have a role at the event. It is speculated that he could make an appearance on the go-home episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, which will air on April 1st, just days before WrestleMania 40 takes place in Philadelphia, PA.

Punk’s return to WWE has generated significant buzz within the wrestling community and among fans. His absence from the company for so long has only heightened the anticipation for his comeback. With his undeniable talent and the added motivation of proving himself once again, Punk’s return is sure to be a memorable moment in wrestling history.

In conclusion, Ace Steel’s excitement and support for CM Punk’s return to WWE reflects the sentiments of many fans and fellow wrestlers. Despite Punk’s injury preventing him from competing at WrestleMania 40, the anticipation for his eventual return is palpable. With a dragon to slay and a point to prove, CM Punk’s comeback is set to be an unforgettable moment in the world of professional wrestling.