CM Punk Explains Why Darby Allin Is The Perfect Opponent For Him, How He’s Embracing Being Nervous

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CM Punk Explains Why Darby Allin Is The Perfect Opponent For Him, How He’s Embracing Being Nervous

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk says he found a good first dance partner in Darby Allin.

In a recent interview with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Punk spoke about why Darby Allin is the perfect opponent for his All Elite Wrestling debut. Punk touched on the fact that he’s not just coming in to get an immediate title shot and said Allin is a compelling opponent and a great foil for him.

“I think he’s the perfect opponent. … I’m kind of approaching it like I’m quasi-new guy, but old head coming back into this thing. From an artistic storyline perspective,” Punk pointed out, “I can’t go after Kenny [Omega] right way. He’s the (world) champion. It wouldn’t make any sense. I never wrestled in this organization. Darby is a lot of things. He’s a fantastic talent, he’s a great personality. Within the AEW storytelling, he’s a very compelling character that the fans like. I just think he’s like the perfect foil right now. It’s a spotlight on, yes this CM Punk’s first match back in seven years. It needs to be a good match, right? I need a good dance partner. Darby is probably one of the best guys for the role, honestly.”

Punk also talked about being nervous for his return in general, noting how people know he’s “CM Punk” but he hasn’t been that same guy in a wrestling context in seven years. Punk said he’s now at a point where he’s embracing the new feeling of being nervous in this next chapter of his career.

“I’m very nervous. I said that to a few people backstage last Friday at the United Center, like Eddie Kingston. And Eddie looked at me like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I think he even said it, ‘You’re CM Punk.’ Yeah, but I kind of sort of haven’t been in seven years. Also, I was at a stage for a while I didn’t care, I didn’t get nervous. Being nervous, I’m excited about it. I’m embracing that,” Punk said. “That means I care, which is pretty exciting.”