CM Punk Cuts Post-Show Promo For The AEW Dynamite Crowd In Milwaukee (Video)

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CM Punk Cuts Post-Show Promo For The AEW Dynamite Crowd In Milwaukee (Video)

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk is glad he’s back, and he’s going to soak it in for as long as he can.

CM Punk cut a promo for the live crowd in Milwaukee and spoke about how good it was to be back, and he ultimately had a fun exchange with Christian and Frankie Kazarian, who were in the ring after they competed on the Rampage taping that followed Dynamite on Wednesday.

“I’ve just got to come back out here and say it’s just so cool to be here. It’s cool that you all came here and you stayed, I know it’s late, sometimes the shows can be long, but you sit in your seats and you’re enthusiastic and you give everyone here everything you’ve got because everyone that I’ve seen so far gives you everything that they have. I just want to say that I’m super grateful and I know eventually the luster will kind of wear off at the sight of CM Punk [laughs at the crowd chanting ‘No!’] Just having a good time and listening to ‘Cult of Personality’ is going to wear off, but just know that until it does wear off, I’m going to keep doing it and I’m going to keep trying to soak it in as much as I possibly can.”

Christian took the mic and said he digs the “humble CM Punk,” but needed to speak for everyone there and said “it’s a “big f-ckin’ deal that you’re here,” to the delight of the crowd. Christian asked who would have thought a few years ago that they’d ever be sharing this ring in 2021, then spoke about how the business doesn’t owe anything to anybody, but they still give themselves to it.

“Like you said before, sometimes you fall in and out of love with things but you never truly let it go. I, for one, am glad you got this passion back and I cannot wait to see what you do here,” Christian stated.

Kaz thanked them both for being here in AEW and said now “it’s time to kick this motherf-cker into full gear,’ but Punk stopped him and joked that was a different event and the next pay-per-view was All Out. Punk said Kaz didn’t even know the names, but Christian joked that he didn’t even get an ice cream bar, so Punk asked if he wanted one, but Christian said he’s not sure he should eat one since he’s so shredded.

Punk then confirmed there’s going to be more of his ice cream bars for sale at the NOW Arena (formerly the Sears Centre). He joked that they aren’t free anymore because he has to buy kibble for Larry, then said he came back out here because it’s cool that Christian came back. Punk said it was neat to see him wrestle after not knowing if he would for so many years, and he didn’t know he would come back either. Punk said it was because of the fans they’re back, and closed by saying if they liked what they saw, they should tell your friends and tweet about it and if they didn’t, they could shut the f-ck up, and they left after getting one more pop from the crowd.

Punk’s promo took place after this week’s Rampage matches were taped; you can view a full report of what will air on this Friday’s episode (includes spoilers) at this link.

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Check out the full segment with CM Punk, Christian Cage and Frankie Kazarian below:

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