Classic Jamie Dundee Shoot Interview – Phase 1

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Where's our passion as a long way hello wrestling followers we're abet with one other edition of the shoot interview sequence this day we've unearthed jamie he's that on earth missing in action for several years we are searching to welcome you to our studio hi there .

I worship it thanks rather a lot obviously you're the son of a genuinely current wrestler nonetheless i are searching to quiz you an analogous ask we quiz each person to begin is how you bought started within the wrestling industry neatly for those of you that don't know my father's a wrestler named celeb bill dundee so obviously .

Increasing up wrestling's been in my total household and then my brother-in-law is a wrestler named blooming bobby eaton who married my sister about 20 years within the past so my total household's consistently been wrestling nonetheless uh when i became once 15 years ancient my dad had a wrestling college and that's more or much less the draw it started i .

I wasn't a wrestling fan increasing up i genuinely didn't care about wrestling i assume because in case your dad's a wrestler you don't care you admire salvage it and not using a consideration wrestlers are consistently at my dwelling and that's the finest folks we knew that's the oldsters that's what's immoral with our industry this day .

In actuality it's now not a household it's now not a mafia it ancient to be it became once a mommy by no manner the save i went became once wrestlers teenagers my mother frolicked wrestlers better halves and my dad frolicked with wrestlers and that became once all it became once and now that's what's took reputation to our industry we've let the outdoors in and it's it's now not that i mean you .

All people knew wrestling wanted to be some more or much less gimmick nonetheless it undoubtedly's fancy magic you didn't are searching to understand i didn't are searching to understand how david copperfield made the statue of liberty go i upright understand it became once i understand it didn't chase nowhere nonetheless it undoubtedly wasn't there when i saw it you admire what i'm asserting and same with wrestling .

And it became once upright the mystique and the mystery share and also you admire the save the save did the save these males strategy from the save they’re living the save they you admire what what why became once these folks so irregular as a result of the the mafia we had you admire and and then obviously you perceive what it’s a long way this day to me wrestling's unimaginative to .

All people else they think it's pleasurable because there's dolls and large companies and packing arenas nonetheless that's upright for 25 guys there's 5 000 guys fancy me which would possibly be lost that don't know what to originate and save their total lifestyles into one thing and then it's upright disappeared i mean if you happen to're a plumber .

And you get fired from plumber firm you’ll be in a situation to upright glimpse within the newspaper and change into a plumber any place you’ll be in a situation to transfer states cities you’ll be in a situation to't originate that within the industry we're in because it's now not there because you admire and whether it’s a long way there i will be capable to't chase originate it for 40 bucks when fuel payment me 60 to get there .

I've done did that i shouldn't private to originate that no more nonetheless they’ll't give you the money for to pay you so you’ll be in a situation to't give you the money for to head so then subsequently upright a lost soul i assume that's what i name us ancient wrestlers lost souls because i don't know what to originate i mean what am i purported to originate it's a huge .

Tell decided talk about increasing up as a kid in a wrestling household frosty fun i mean even when i glimpse abet on my childhood rapidly lifestyles man you admire i mean the total years i've been wrestling the remedy the females the money a total bunch all of it nonetheless long past rapidly lifestyles .

Comes and goes rapid even when i became once a kid i undergo in mind i'd be in fourth fifth grade we'd be in louisiana six months later i'd be in fourth grade in texas and six months later i'd be in fourth grade in north carolina and then i'd be abet to nashville and that i'd originate fifth and sixth grade and .

Simply as you get settled abet in bill additionally loosely down the waller now we're going to louisiana work with bill watts we stayed there for two years and also you admire i get a apartment within the years so it's it's it's a varied world too for being the teens too because i assume you admire you bought to head the save the money is .

In particular abet then with 32 territories reasonably a pair of places to head bill became once consistently a memphis mainstay nonetheless he needed to get out of there every three or four years we needed to transfer someplace be long past a one year or two to strategy abet abet to impact bill dundee be in a situation to tackle there for 30 years and it became once upright a rapidly lifestyles man it became once .

Simply i don't know grew up rapid reasonably a pair of yeah how became once bill dundee as a father i assume it relies on what you name a father i bought four teenagers nonetheless four varied chicks in four varied states i'm their teenagers's father nonetheless i'm now not their father you perceive what i'm asserting i'm .

Step by step on the avenue i'm wrestling i'm touring i'm doing irrespective of i will be capable to originate to impact a living on this gimmick world i are living in as a long way as jerry springer reveals wrestling taking part in extras in motion photographs irrespective of it will also fair be that's all i know and so i'm nonetheless i'm i'm my teenagers's father nonetheless i'm now not a father all of them bought .

Step dads which would possibly be their father you understand it's so bill dundee became once he's now not a father nonetheless he's my father does that impact sense to y'all originate you understand what i'm speaking about does any regular folks take into account that i don't know if it's upright as a result of the realm we lived in nobody had father so it wasn't no huge .

Deal me and also you admire jesse james or brian christopher or you admire any of the armstrongs or doug gilbert or any of us second abilities wrestlers generally it became once our moms striking out and us taking part in within the backyard or taking part in atari or irrespective of the hell we were doing and our dads are on the avenue anyway so none of us genuinely had dads nonetheless when .

We seen him became once on the weekends you admire my dad's time became once saturday he'd impact memphis wrestling on saturday morning saturday afternoon he'd be dwelling saturday night in nashville so me and bill would hang out saturday night i’m going to the fairgrounds with him sunday we'd rise up chase bikes or mess with our pitbull canines or irrespective of .

The hell it became once we did and then monday started over i'd be at college he'd be on the avenue i'd get dwelling college he'd be long past i'd be in mattress when he bought dwelling i'd rise up chase to highschool you perceive what i'm asserting so i by no manner saw the man he became once there he became once there nearly every night of the week nonetheless i didn't understand it unless he became once .

Getting as a lot as whip my ass for irrespective of i did immoral the night sooner than you admire which took reputation rather a lot how about your recollections of searching at all these reveals as a kid sooner than you bought desirous about wrestling yeah uh nonetheless perceive if you i assume it's it's more or much less fancy being is the osborne's teenagers you admire .

Rock and roll to them is now not fancy we saw rock and roll after we went to the reside performance coming the door so i became once consistently all the pieces with me became once consistently within the abet of the curtain nonetheless my you admire my dad by no manner smartened me up my household i don't think he smooth ever neatly-organized me up i don't know if i'm neatly-organized yet because fancy abet then fancy i snort it became once .

A mafia it became once a hush-hush industry it became once you admire the be aware k fave intended don't expose and by god when the teens strategy around it became once cafe and irrespective of what it became once you understand it became once it became once upright i watched that uh interview of jake roberts the more than a few day the save he's speaking .

About his dad strategy dwelling within the neck brace my dad didn't neatly-organized me up whereas they did a deal the save lola beat him up and murky each his eyes and he couldn't perceive or one thing and hillary sat on in three days i didn't know he couldn't perceive you admire what i'm asserting he would possibly well perceive nonetheless i didn't know they were working some .

Roughly attitude nonetheless i assume that's what made wrestling what it became once abet then check the snakes whining and crying about it neatly don't lie crying about that's what made our industry so pleasurable so irregular it's why it's unimaginative now because guys get hurt and then they chase to the local bar and they hang out you admire .

It's now not because it's nonetheless it undoubtedly's entertainment now it's now not fancy it ancient to be nonetheless none of those guys know straightforward solutions to struggle and all of them glimpse the true same i will be capable to't expose them apart i don't know one from the more than a few all of them glimpse associated same outfits same apparel same material same boots same .

Look long hair with muscle tissue or short arm muscle tissue and tattoos i mean that's why wrestling is upright bland it's blah it's the same story repeatedly and over there's nothing irregular there's no inexperienced tongue guys chewing turn buckles you admire what i'm asserting there's no junkyard canines with bones that's what .

Made these folks irregular and that's what made you admire them i grew to alter into on that tna wrestling man i i don't and that i know trip stephens and andy douglas and guys fancy that nonetheless i will be capable to't expose them moreover the more than a few ones i wouldn't know i mean i wouldn't even know within the event that they walked up on because all of them glimpse associated and .

That's what our companies turn so bland it's so tiresome how about originate you undergo in mind your recollections as a wrestler first time wrestling obviously my very first time ever i became once uh 15 years ancient i became once upright grew to alter into 16 we lived in gallatin tennessee and my dad a man named ron fuller who became once robert .

Fuller's tennessee studs brother opened a firm in knoxville called united states championship wrestling called my dad to be the booker so my dad became once fancy no because i became once i became once a wild kid nonetheless i mean i wasn't whereas i as in contrast these teenagers this day with pistols and all that [ __ ] and one no .

I smoked a shrimp bit pot had long hair you admire what i'm asserting nonetheless that became once wild abet within the 80s and so my dad became once attempting to help me you admire i became once consistently messing up college cutting up i became once consistently a category clown he became once attempting to help me on the ultimate-searching avenue so he became once letting me sell his photos on the wrestling reveals which became once enough .

For me and he paid me fifteen bucks a day and so he got here dwelling one day in gallatin and we were cutting the grass and he's fancy hi there man you you take to private to be my supervisor i'm fancy what are you speaking about he's fancy neatly i've bought a job i will be capable to chase up here and be a hill .

For united states knoxville territory for ron fuller and that i informed him i wasn't going to head away you upright on the streets around the wild so if you happen to strategy with me be my supervisor we'll chase up here in remark that's what we did me and my dad within the rock and roll rpms mike davis and tommy lane would ward off each day from nashville and .

Bound as a lot as virginia and that i mean long-ass halls we needed to head away 11 o'clock within the morning because mostly the total varied guys lived in knoxville we lived in nashville and we'd private to head away early within the morning to chase up and then my dad became once reserving it and so he paid me 15 a night because that's what he figured i made .

When i became once selling his photos so i made 10 of his gimmick sales so if he made 200 i made 20 of his so he acknowledged 15 a night so i did it for approximately eight months and that i beloved it man i became once a supervisor and that became once that became once when i bought bit by the bug they are saying you get bit by the bug and that's that's what happens if you get that .

That shrimp plod of the oldsters and also you admire and the females and also you get a shrimp bit shrimp shot of ass or one thing's fancy hell yeah i fancy this yeah that's all ultimate-searching so who's your first match in opposition to my very first match ever became once in opposition to a [ __ ] named butch cassidy they introduced him into the U.S. territory .

On story of i became once the shrimp hill supervisor a shrimp bit jimmy hart supplier so that they introduced him in to whip the [ __ ] out of me and that i went to the ring and obviously you admire he the man upright i mean he upright acknowledged chase with me kid i became once about 16 17 wait about 140 pounds and that shrimp throwed me in all places the .

Living and did high flying [ __ ] and it became once enough i mean it became once the oldsters bought with it and then bill powell dropped him on the bottom for the wide hill attain rolled him in i beat him and then you definately admire butch cat then my very first match within the memphis territory after that firm closed down in .

88 went abet to jarrett and my dad strategy in as a babyface and they made me make you admire bill's son they launched me to the realm as bill's son and all that [ __ ] and me and downtown bruno had a match so each of them are genuinely my first match butch cassidy became once my first true match your first name in memphis became once that jc .

Ice stadium neatly that became once it became once jamie dundee we did an attitude the save they had the stud stable with robert fuller and his companion sylvia jimmy golden downtown bruno were called the stud stable and we did a thing the save i got here out on television and they made me salvage my earrings out because perceive when i became once four years ancient my dad and tommy rich bought .

Me under the impact of alcohol pierced my ear save a needle fantastic upright that's what i'm asserting fancy most folk don't understand the lifestyles we mean you’ll be in a situation to acknowledge four-one year-ancient kid that's funny to a bunch of wrestlers getting under the impact of alcohol pierce's here with needles and [ __ ] that's that the lifestyles i lit you admire and so .

They made me salvage my earring out and jerry jarrett i would possibly private my mustache so jj made me shave my mustache and then we did an attitude the save per week i would strategy out with bill nonetheless i would begin to plunge in fancy with sylvia you admire robert's ancient girl and also you admire i started throwing a mustache and that i save my earring in i begin changing into .

Defective dude bill's getting on me and then i suggested bill and that's the save i change into jc the ice shrimp one because each person hated vanilla ice and that i beloved him so i figured i'd utilize ice shrimp one because that can get heat you admire in memphis the total blacks and all that [ __ ] so repeat the uh that is perchance a .

Expect i will be capable to private saved later nonetheless repeat the the connection between jerry lawler and your dad the bill dundee jerry relationship to me would upright be it's more or much less fancy most wrestlers you don't private many wrestlers which would possibly be your companions they're your friends you .

Know what i'm asserting manner that you kick it with because wrestlers are no enough [ __ ] they'll backstab you they'll [ __ ] your girl they'll originate the rest the wrestlers ain't no enough nonetheless as long as you admire that you admire especially one other wrestler you admire by no manner leave your ancient girl within the [ __ ] .

Room plump of your boys because undoubtedly one of them [ __ ] save the transfer on and undoubtedly one of them's gonna are attempting to [ __ ] her i mean you understand it's upright the wrestlers are no enough man wrestling is a industry that you bought to be to your self and make on these for himself and jerry law became once with out a doubt for himself nonetheless they knew .

That together they had what it took you understand it's upright fancy there's a total bunch wrestlers that uh that i know and when i perceive them i snort hi there brother how you doing give them a hug all ultimate-searching nonetheless i don't private their phone numbers i ain't called them in 5 years and after they die i’m going damn i will be capable to't think he died .

However you admire i wasn't done deal fancy that you admire they're industry companions are going nonetheless they're now not you admire the finest individual i genuinely hang out with is doug gilbert brian christopher and wolfie d those can be the finest three wrestlers which would possibly be my friends that i companion with as you admire fancy my varied friends .

Maintain handed on mike anthony from canada he died my shrimp [ __ ] he died so with my shrimp relations nonetheless you finest private a pair of that you’ll be in a situation to belief man because wrestlers ain't no enough you admire they're jealous of you they need that situation you admire if you're on top on this firm these guys are coming through now they're on top of this firm and .

You're here you admire you’ll be in a situation to expose the egos the egos are there they undergo in mind yeah [ __ ] you dundee i undergo in mind needed to originate a job for you in memphis in remark that wasn't my fault that me and wolfie are on top and also you've bought to strategy abet through and originate the job that's what wrestling's about you strategy .

Through and glimpse at hogan you admire andre for hogan hogan for ultima warrior it's that's the draw it genuinely works nonetheless the ego's in it so lawler and dundee i assume they're they gotta they gotta private fancy and admire for every varied to be together that decades is all i will be capable to snort you admire nonetheless as a long way as after they .

Go the constructions i don't i don't think you admire i undergo in mind going to lawler's dwelling twice when i became once a kid when he lived in hendersonville the save i grew up from my dad to him to originate one thing to snort in regards to the attitude or one thing nonetheless upright you admire that's finest twice you admire so that they're now not friends nonetheless they're .

They're real neatly-organized industry acquaintance i would snort and also you wish already touched on this a shrimp bit bit nonetheless talk about a pair of of the more than a few teenagers that bought desirous in regards to the wrestling that you grew up with you mentioned ultimate-searching yeah neatly i mean resembling you you develop up with them nonetheless you fancy i snort .

You fancy transfer it in all places the realm they're transferring in all places the realm too you admire me and the rock dewey johnson after we were shrimp teenagers four 5 six seven eight years ancient we were scorching we were tight man we were going to be every varied's companions if you happen to ever perceive this video you undergo in mind that you admire i'd take to be in .

Your subsequent movie nonetheless you admire what i'm asserting i mean the rock grew up together and then he became once long past then it became once fancy brian christopher because his mother k lived in hendersonville so my mother and his mother hang out me and brian christopher and his shrimp brother kevin and then they would transfer off we chase to .

Louisiana and then i became once striking out with dustin rhodes and the armstrongs you perceive what i'm asserting so all wrestlers doug gilbert eddie gill all second abilities wrestlers because that's all i will be capable to undergo in mind increasing up hell i undergo in mind on the weekends [ __ ] and we became once consistently at one other wrestler's .

House it seemed resembling you understand it presumably wasn't as primary as as a kid you upright think nonetheless it undoubtedly became once fancy the total time jam we're over here you admire we're going to lallygag around with the rock and or dewey me and dewey and atta and my mother and rocky and bill you admire so i assume i assume all of them .

Somewhere true during the time you admire originate you’ve any sense if you're at college because your dad became once on television and he would possibly well need been a villain that you needed to no no because uh you understand it became once abet sooner than cable television you admire abet within the 80s and 70s when i became once increasing up going to highschool and [ __ ] we .

Only private four or 5 channels so each person watched wrestling on saturday morning nonetheless no me increasing up at college folks upright figuring out i became once tricky and folks didn't mess with me and also you admire folks acknowledged folks don't need boy [ __ ] [ __ ] out of you i i don't know i ain't by no manner been to battle .

My lifestyles i don't wager nonetheless folks upright figuring out you admire that ancient jamie done d whip your ass and he's building he saw all of it nonetheless i went to highschool with you admire kenny rogers household and the teens or irrespective of and the the oak ridge boys teenagers and conway twitty's niece and also you admire what i'm .

Asserting i grew up hendersonville with the total nation music stars and lawyers and medical doctors so our faculty wasn't you admire they went to hendersonville high college and all it became once all shrimp rich yuppy preppy nation music singers medical doctors lawyers households anyway so it wasn't by no manner primary distress within the colleges anyhow me i became once presumably the .

Most distress alongside there and smoke pot wore moccasins and boots and listened to the total osborne and all that [ __ ] you admire i assume we were the outsiders my dad neatly the wrestlers lived within the center of all these christian nation folks and we lived ultimate-searching within the center within the wide mansion .

We had 25 pit bulls out abet with dog properties and rooster pens and rooster fights and all that [ __ ] so i assume filth bikes leaned up in opposition to the dwelling and all that neighbors beloved you he beloved us there's the dundees nonetheless you admire my dad helped my dad 40 years ancient had a scorching pink camaro with flames down the side long murky hair earrings you .

Know we're speaking 1982 and folks became once fancy glimpse at these man what are they doing here nonetheless after we’ve primary ultimate-searching to be there as they did i assume my dad became once building certainly nonetheless that's what i'm asserting we were consistently the wrestling folks were consistently the outsiders you admire we were upright you admire so i assume that's why we finest .

Connected with varied wrestlers you admire doing our compare undoubtedly one of the necessary first angles we were in a situation to music down became once an incident the save sid broke your neck ultimate-searching you take to private to salvage us abet and that that is the save we chase that is the save we begin to head to the attitude to swap me hill .

I'm accessible taking photos and perceive it will get on my dad and that i speed in and jump on him to provide protection to him and that i became once upright taking photos perceive it puts me within the [ __ ] of minaki i became once smooth at college abet then so you admire fancy i snort wrestling became once a mommy i needed to save a lot of on the neck brace to highschool so perceive ultimate-searching there .

Worship jake the snake speaking about his daddy by no manner acknowledged neatly hell i didn't neatly-organized none of my friends up or none of the oldsters within town and that i don't even know if it's marmala you admire that i'm decided my mother neatly save off you admire she bought her head shaved within the 70s nonetheless i'm decided she .

However you admire i upright that's because that's what made our industry what it became once you admire and that's when i went to highschool and all them shrimp rich teenagers informed mother and grandma in hell it became once fancy no he's genuinely hurt yeah he's genuinely hurt neatly damn so wrestling's real .

You know so and fancy i expose folks wrestling is now not being real and pretend are two tainted words for the reason that wrestling is real all the pieces we originate can and would possibly well fair hurt you and what i expose folks wrestling's now not fake it's mounted they expose you who's going to take or lose the remainder of that [ __ ] hurts perceive i bought .

All these scars on top of my head from saboo and all that [ __ ] my god my rotator cuffs are torn my left knee isn’t any enough each my head wrestling is real wrestling's real as hell nonetheless they've taken it to this point now hell we've literally killed a man owen heart has .

Fell out of the ceiling and died i mean what originate we originate to top that you admire that's why we've taken our industry to this point here that we it ancient to be easy i watched my dad's interviewing fancy he acknowledged wrestling became once easy the save they've made it laborious they've made it .

More sturdy in hell they because they they don't know the save to head from here ain't nowhere to head from here nonetheless now i mean you admire if it's now not broke don't fix it and uh to me they've they broke it they broke it man and it wasn't broke you understand it wasn't didn't must smooth be mounted nonetheless i mean i understand it's upright fancy .

Asserting neatly a dropkick became once a attain within the 60s the save would you admire jake the snake's ddt by man when he hit that on you now dvt you don't even sell that dude i don't even know within the event that they don't even originate them no more originate they you admire what i'm asserting it's because .

It's to this point past nonetheless none of them guys know straightforward solutions to struggle as a long way as struggle and then the marquis says wrestling the model says you're going to glimpse a wrestling direct you admire all that i don't know fancy fancy that stuff i've seen on mtv the more than a few night .

They shouldn't i don't even know why they’re searching to salvage the time to originate it they don't sell nothing nothing manner nothing it's all upright two guys upright going as rapidly as they’ll chase and then believing i assume if that's the save it's at neatly it will smooth be on one thing the ratings weren't that tainted .

I watched it i watched it and also you admire that i abominate wrestling now struggle's now not allowed on in my dwelling it's now not my teenagers don't scrutinize wrestling i mean nonetheless fancy i acknowledged me increasing up i didn't scrutinize wrestling either i don't know if it's because nonetheless perceive i fancy none of my teenagers i don't ever expose my teenagers finishes and angles .

They don't can't be within the dressing room irrespective of and also you admire i fancy chase to them outlaw reveals i desire my be pleased room because i don't desire my kid to take a seat there and listen to to those two goofs chase over every single thing they're fixing to originate out here for 44 minutes that it's upright a bunch of garbage that .

That's why it's a bunch of garbage because they undergo in mind precisely what they informed the more than a few man they're going to originate and within the event that they omit undoubtedly one of them things they dismay fancy hell it's now not that exhausting brother man give me the remaining minute and a half that's all i decide the remainder of we'll exit here and originate .

And since if then folks ain't procuring what you're selling them you bought to swap it if you happen to're doing high-flying stuff and the oldsters are bored and they're sitting there fancy this then you definately bought to impact them laugh you bought to originate some comedy some ancient appealing jimmy boogie woogie if that .

Don't work punch battle kick one thing within the event that they don't purchase none of it then no manner you are trying you admire what i'm asserting nonetheless now them guys chase every shrimp thing they're gonna originate to every varied in every second of that match and they hit that ring and they originate it whether it takes nine minutes or two .

Minutes and they don't know straightforward solutions to fill time they don't you understand it's it's i assume it's script rope you admire as they are saying this present day nonetheless to me it's garbage it's none of them guys will ever impact a nickel or a dime and then i mean i i snort that now they're on television .

And that i'm sitting there making a shoot interview nonetheless that's now not the point i'm making is that it's anybody can originate what they're doing anybody and and that's what took reputation to our industry anybody you’ll be in a situation to let dennis robin you’ll be in a situation to let mongol mcmichael it’s likely you’ll well perchance you you’ll be in a situation to't we are in a position to't chase play basketball or .

Become a boxer nonetheless these boxers and basketball gamers and baseball participant builders think they’ll upright strategy change into professional wrestlers and we allow them to and that's what makes our industry so me i'm a ufc fan now chase chucky ledell iceman that's bought you admire that that's genuinely .

Roughly taken over as wrestling oh and and that i'm ecstatic the my charges are four times as huge as undoubtedly decided nonetheless because we don't know if it's a work nonetheless whether it’s a long way a work the finest share labored is the end and the remainder of that [ __ ] we take to glimpse and also you admire what i'm asserting because it .

To me it reminds me of ancient jap [ __ ] when these originate them shoot laborious ways and all that [ __ ] it's the same more or much less thing you admire they were doing that within the 70s and 80s in japan with them guys with them shoot fights more or much less you admire nonetheless it undoubtedly became once pro wrestling by wing or battle irrespective of the hell they're .

Called and they introduced you guys in and they shoot fog nonetheless the attain became once labored and so and then you definately admire i don't know if it's labored i became once in wwf and ken shamrock got here there and that i talked with him and he wouldn't expose me he wouldn't snort certain he wouldn't snort no he upright to me i trust .

The finishes are labored nonetheless on the synthetic hand when i seen suppose the deal upright beat the voice out to the ortiz again i knew that wouldn't work you admire what i'm asserting so within the event that they originate they originate it better than we originate it because nonetheless that's what our industry ancient to be fancy we wrestled and we wrestled and if you happen to would possibly well you .

Know irrespective of as a result of the man irrespective of you admire you admire if you happen to had the man beat it’s likely you’ll well perchance genuinely beat him one two you let him kick would you let him know i had you be now it's upright i don't understand it's upright to this point accessible you admire i mean vince's direct is horrid too i mean .

They're all they're upright they're tiresome they're upright bland they're upright same [ __ ] every single week same eight guys every single week the same interviews the same [ __ ] because it's all wrote they're now not they don't private to think nothing their self that's why it's the total same when every man has their be pleased persona and every .

Guy has their be pleased gimmick and their be pleased persona that they salvage care of that's what makes that direct enough because it's varied because you're now not going to sound fancy me and the interview ain't going to be the same on the same stage yours either would possibly well either because we're three varied gimmicks .

With three varied characters and we're going to originate it the manner we are searching to originate it that's what happens up there it's all it ain't nothing no varied and that's what's hurt our industry this day nonetheless i mean vince don't care he's a billionaire you don't give a [ __ ] what i trust .

However now he'll care what you think if you chase in there to model that contract to impact the uh you admire the doll yeah neatly yeah when i get the doll yeah that's that's that's all i neglected when i became once a shrimp bit boy i acknowledged i wished i had uh 5 shrimp wrestling i wasn't genuinely a shrimp bit boy so neatly i .

Didn't care about wrestling nonetheless when i bought about 14 15 i wished 5 things i are searching to be in a journal obviously i did that 1,000,000 times i desired to be on television did that i mean i desired to lunge to madison sq. garden did that after i are searching to be on the wrestlemania did that nonetheless i by no manner bought a dollar video sport those finest two i did .

No longer get out of my shrimp listing of assessments nonetheless you understand it ain't over nonetheless i trust it’s a long way nonetheless the save they're striking out these dolls i trust they're gonna be ultimate i would possibly well get me an ancient legends uh the save the save are they now save or one thing the save are they down dog here they’re pg-13 i became once that shut to getting the .

Wrapper about that gargantuan on the fruit doll i mean whoopi were the rappers i became once genuinely attempting nonetheless uh let me get into that story later i'll expose you why the doll by no manner got here about neatly let's return a pair of of the that early speed with uh memphis and talk about a pair of of the fellows that were uh on the stop .

Of that territory at that point and a pair of of your early impressions of those guys perchance if the impressions are varied now because it's been it's been a whereas yeah robert fuller robert fuller beloved him had a dick on him at long and ancient that became once upright robert's gimmick and then that became once these are shrimp things i undergo in mind upright .

Being a kid riding around my dad and striking out with all these wrestlers nonetheless my first impact of them became once and that became once robert fuller's gimmick upright wasn't giving me his dick became once that long so when he jabbed it in them four ladies and upright being 16 years ancient searching at him pound them ladies with that thing became once .

Simply pleasurable to me i became once fancy here you chase tennessee's done his companion jimmy golden jimmy golden i i upright saw jimmy golden about three years within the past we robert gibson is running town of a mississippi firm the save he became once about three years within the past and we were down there and they introduced tom pritchard and all them in .

And uh yeah i take to hell out all of them they were uh nonetheless you admire they were all veterans when i became once upright beginning so the manner they acted perceive i trust that's what took reputation to me as a long way as my occupation and things fancy going wwf wcw and all that .

After they called me and that i bought there although i'd finest been wrestling eight or 10 years i've been on this industry for 25 of them and that i acted fancy i've been this industry for 25 the save i became once purported to head in there and act fancy i've been on this industry for five minutes fancy each person else nonetheless that's now not me you admire i've seen every .

One of those guys get their first match when my dad booked them in louisiana when i became once 12. why why there there private been no no better than me especially to me i didn't think i'm in memphis and also you called me and that i technique to your firm and also you request me that's been my field i assume my mouth nonetheless i .

I'm now not a tranquil timid sitting the nook hush-hus originate of man one thing bothers me i'm going to expose you if i fancy one thing i'm going to expose you if i are searching to originate one thing i'm going to expose you whether it's ultimate-searching or immoral whether i must smooth expose you or now not i'm going to and that's what i'm asserting all them .

Veterans that i grew up with searching at i became a broken-down long sooner than i became once one or i believed i became once one and that i would snort things to folks and wouldn't originate jobs or wouldn't originate finishes and [ __ ] when i wasn't purported to now not snort i wouldn't originate them you understand it's now not that i by no manner acknowledged i would originate a job and that i'm asserting i'm now not going to originate this .

Job this draw my persona is a shrimp bit white thug avenue lustrous rapper he's now not gonna plunge for that [ __ ] ultimate-searching there and that i'm now not gonna mean you’ll be in a situation to hurt my persona jci says my alter ego is my varied persona i'm a gemini so i trust he’s the more than a few half of my gemini for real .

It's fancy my dad would ban jc ice from his titty bars because he would possibly well expose i assume when i get drinking and partying and hit that mode the more than a few undoubtedly one of me comes out and he don't give a [ __ ] about nothing and he's loopy ancient dude nonetheless he’s additionally the one who made me my money he became once my varied persona and jason wolfie d .

Are two varied folks than kelly wolf and jamie dundee and that i mean each person is aware of that's what makes restless wrestlers as a long way as fancy i'm asserting this day the draw it's hurting the storm is now not a storm i've identified him for years he by no manner desired to be a superhero he became once a superhero because they paid him and that's why the .

Superhero didn't get over if he desired to be his gold dirt wishes to be gold dirt and that's why his gimmick bought over you perceive you’ll be in a situation to't upright save any purse you’ll be in a situation to't save him in a clown swimsuit and snort you're doink if he's now not donkeys don't genuinely feel don't you perceive them and that's what our industry is .

They upright making up these gimmicks and they're sticking them on these guys and they're asserting running them for six or eight months that storm gimmick would private bought over if you happen to save a lot of that on any person that can private that desired to originate it and fancy snort a jamie grand form persona .

I consistently informed him he must private been a shrimp bit mighty mouse a shrimp bit muscly fellow a shrimp bit mighty man you admire you admire things fancy that it will work nonetheless the storm didn't are searching to be he's ecstatic the save he’s now i've seen him on there the more than a few day or one thing he's abet at shenanimores or shane hills ultimate-searching his abet is yeah .

So i mean nonetheless you admire nonetheless irrespective of you'll originate for money nonetheless that's the contaminated that's what took reputation to our industry that these guys will originate it for the dollar and they don't originate it because they fancy this industry and they don't are searching to claim no or certain or no they upright shut up and originate what they're informed .

That's that's why any individual fancy with your persona is now not going to fit in with vince's world now because if he tells you to originate a job accessible you’ll be in a situation to't repeat to the boss i will be capable to't originate that and as a long way as events paying me i [ __ ] uh i've been beat by the better of them i've been beat by the worst time that to me .

Plan nothing it pays no more it's a gimmick that is a [ __ ] world we reside in guys fancy buff bagwell chase their [ __ ] automobile and deliver after they're gonna lose their belt what are you speaking about you admire i heard about that abet within the early 90s or one thing he needed to plunge it on the [ __ ] play what are you speaking .

About you goof originate you take into account that is an imaginary [ __ ] world the finest motive you’ve that belt is because any individual dropped it to you and any individual asked them why would you chase sit for your automobile and get distraught and acquired to head perceive shrinks and [ __ ] you [ __ ] marks .

Their marks those that think this so primary to think that their persona is that they’re the [ __ ] marks now not these folks to purchase these tickets and buy all these dolls and pay the save the save fancy when i grew up it wasn't so primary that marks were marx you didn't companion .

With him you didn't survey advice from him it became all yet again or much less fancy they were under us you perceive what i'm asserting the save me on the more than a few hand i'm being a shrimp bit kid running around the rings going accessible talking to folks we get to understand them because abet in our within the finest ancient days we speed the same city each day every .

Every monday night memphis every two nights and also you get to head to them and also you get to understand these folks and they're in them same season they've been there since my daddy got here here in 75. this ancient man has been here for 47 years by no manner neglected a match within the louisville gardens he ain't a designate brother he ain't a designate you're the designate because .

Lets force here per week and also you perceive what i'm asserting nonetheless when i became once increasing up they were under us and unassociated and so i trust that's why when i got here out me and wolfie got here on our shrimp gimmick and [ __ ] we bought over with the oldsters because i already knew half of my total lifestyles .

Increasing up anyway and then to scrutinize my dad and to scrutinize me then they upright they bought with us you admire and then they provide the admire you deserve and so that you need to me you admire rest is fancy i acknowledged it became once a mafia and it became once a household the oldsters were even share of the household .

The folk this day don't you there ain't one rest on this planet can chase to undoubtedly one of those constructions and name any individual accessible you admire what i'm asserting because they chase once every six months and they swap it it's upright for the reason that household ambiance is long past which for events it's pleasurable it's a multi-billion dollar industry for .

Him and enough ultimate fortune to him i'm ecstatic nonetheless he's killed the industry successfully for the wrestlers which he don't care and the rock don't care and stone chilly and under whoever else is up there getting paid they don't care and if i became once there getting paid i wouldn't care either nonetheless genuinely by honesty i fancy the .

Commerce because my son ain't by no manner gonna get the rest he's finest 16 and ain't nowhere because you admire you you chase to your name and your recognition and my dad had one and then i added to it i'm decided genuinely neatly and so my son became once upright he'll be [ __ ] the total manner around .

If he wishes to strategy abet out and snort i'm a dundee and they'll be fancy yeah neatly undergo in mind your grandpa and your dad so uh we'll perceive you again so you admire nonetheless we've killed our be pleased industry nonetheless it undoubtedly's our fault nonetheless you admire memphis became once undoubtedly one of the necessary remaining territories to help as a lot as them decided this .

Modified and memphis would private smooth held up if jerry lawler wasn't scamming that man and everything i mean i don't know the total story nor originate i genuinely care nonetheless all i know is we upright didn't private nowhere to work after 15 years of my lifestyles fancy i snort save my total lifestyles into one thing and then it's upright now not there it's fancy what .

Even that's fancy i expose my dad what originate you take to private me to originate and he's fancy neatly you're neatly-organized dude yeah i'm neatly-organized i bought my ged when i became once locked up yeah i'm neatly-organized i bought my training now nonetheless i mean what what enough is it i'm 35 years ancient and when any time i fancy i became once gonna chase originate when i bought out of jail abet in november .

I became once gonna originate the total enough [ __ ] i became once gonna change into a correct individual i became once gonna chase get me a real job and check out to be a accepted individual they’re searching to pay a man seven bucks an hour to sell off three 18 wheelers tonight you bought hell no nonetheless that's what i snort you get wicked in that wrestling .

World you admire to me 150 200 is nothing it's reasonably a pair of cash if you gotta impact it by the hour accessible busting your ass roofing properties or laying bricks you understand it takes three days to impact that and they're busting their ass and also you're thinking god wait [ __ ] i ancient to impact two or three bucks .

Every night pitchers now not counting what i bought paid and that i would upright [ __ ] that off because i'm to get more day after nowadays night 200 ain't nothing i spent that within the bar one night a pair hours nonetheless now that reality hits and also you're in stuck within the true world again you chase kylie man .

Where'd all that money chase the save'd all that what the hell took reputation it's all fancy if i would possibly well swap the rest i would achieve half my money and that i'll shut this ultimate-searching here at a pair of times when it became once purported to been closed and that i didn't nonetheless that's you admire that's can't salvage it abet i ain't sorry for .

Doing it i ain't sorry for asserting what i acknowledged nonetheless we'll get to that later going abet to a pair of those early names that you'd uh started within the industry with uh how about your belief jeff jarrett any individual you perchance grew up with him my belief would you’ve jared uh .

I've by no manner had a field with jeff jarrett as a long way as me and jeff jarrett we know the save every varied stands we know perceive jeff they did the attitude with my dad buddy landale beating jeff's daddy's glimpse up or irrespective of when jeff became once a referee and that's how they grew to alter into jeff ultimate-searching and bill and my dad were .

So that can private been about 85 86 so then in 88 i trust is when i started coming around 87 888 so he became once already there a pair years jeff has consistently been a i mean he's by no manner wanted for nothing his dad's jerry jarrett you admire he's consistently had the golden spoon .

However he he he did the ultimate-searching things he went to varsity he did all the pieces his dad informed me he needed to originate sooner than he became a pro wrestler so i mean he he any and he paid dues jeff jarrett his glimpse to me is now not a huge money plan by no manner shall be by no manner has been the man's he's k struggle he's all .

Simply he can snort nonetheless he's consistently been within the predicament to push himself to save a lot of himself on top is the finest motive i trust jeff jarrett's ever been on top of any industry because he save himself there as a long way as him drawing money or creating wealth and he's by no manner done it the uswa became once damn .

Near deader in hell when me and wolfie strategy alongside in 94 when he upright took off the wcw first time and became once on top him and billy travis and all them after we got here and did the shrimp rapper thing then we bought brian christopher and doug gilbert and tommy rich and all of us you admire fancy i acknowledged a household thing .

The southern folks that they knew and they they bought within the abet of and we started drawing more properties and then when jeff jarrett would strategy abet in it wouldn't swap the dwelling one bit it became once upright one other name to private on the card to impact it glimpse a shrimp bit better because jeff jarrett's here tonight nonetheless .

It didn't fancy it wasn't fancy it helped any nonetheless as a long way as an individual i fancy jeff jeremy and jeff get alongside we know the draw every varied is i know he's within the place of work and that i'm now not i'm undoubtedly one of the necessary outlaws you admire nonetheless irrespective of nonetheless we get alongside neatly those things swap genuinely rapidly .

In wrestling very in a transient time you admire fancy i heard the story of jeff getting busted with a crack pipe within the airport what a one year or two within the past what about that you admire i know better i know jeff derrick don't smoke that [ __ ] i trust he snorted a shrimp bit of it nonetheless i don't think he'll smoke it .

So that's all [ __ ] story ultimate-searching there he became once arrested nonetheless i trust any individual save that is tainted because you consistently bought fancy i acknowledged wrestlers are no enough [ __ ] man and to me i would possibly well perceive any individual him pissing any individual off any individual striking the [ __ ] crack pipe in his bag he's going during the airport you busted .

Hi there pleasurable there's a [ __ ] situation it's fancy wrestlers ancient to fancy when wrestlers died because that became once a spontaneous it ain't fancy that now because there's finest one firm nonetheless then when there became once 32 companies when eight wrestlers died out of third executive that's eight spots that's .

Eight places to work let's chase we're going louisiana two guys died you admire i mean that's it that's nonetheless it undoubtedly's unhappy to claim nonetheless that's the draw it became once that's ultimate what's your thoughts on uh speaking of those that died eddie gilbert my brother fancy him undoubtedly one of the necessary first perceive fancy i acknowledged i technique to the United States in 75 with .

My dad my mommy and my sister so four folks so fancy my grandma's loss of life and my cousins or irrespective of i don't know none of them they're all in australia and scotland don't bother me eddie gilbert became once fancy the first person that became once in my household that i knew that died and that became once genuinely laborious it became once laborious on .

Me it became once laborious on it became once laborious on fancy i snort we were a household a mafia it's laborious on each person i'm decided became once it anticipated it’s likely you’ll well perchance also very neatly be living by the sword you die by the sword that's the manner i perceive it it’s likely you’ll well perchance also very neatly be living undoubtedly one of those rapidly-paced lives you exit here and also you laugh that coke you speed with .

Them [ __ ] and also you utilize that money and also it’s likely you’ll well perchance also very neatly be living that rapidly lifestyles you die rapidly lifestyles eddie gilbert they are saying he had a heart attack some snort it became once remedy some snort it became once solomon's you admire i don't know nonetheless i my belief on eddie gilbert is i fancy him and he became once my brother and that i leave out him leave out him rather a lot i leave out him as primary as i'm .

As doug gilbert misses him i'm decided perchance now not that primary that's his real brother nonetheless to me that became once my household and that became once the first physique i ever seen within the coffin the first you admire funeral i ever went to his household and all and it became once it became once laborious man nonetheless i fancy the man i leave out him rather a lot previous to what you did with pg-13 .

Discuss a pair of of the more than a few stuff that you take to private to be remembered as jamie dundee jamie dundee neatly you admire pg-13 became once the making of jamie dundee jc ice figuring out because jamie dundee by no manner knew what he desired to be i by no manner by no manner had a name i consistently desired to get a name .

Uh you admire i i didn't i didn't are searching to be a dundee because i didn't are searching to be upright constructed on these boys i didn't fancy jeff jarrett each person knew jerry and fancy brian christopher strategy at us blind because we we upright you within the 70s and 80s they introduced them out of their teenagers and they were designate team .

Companions and [ __ ] you admire i desired to be my be pleased name and reasonably a pair of folks on this planet fancy the teens who [ __ ] the unusual pg-30 didn't genuinely know bill dunty because he became once in wcw doing the sir william thing became once reserving brokers or irrespective of he became once doing so he wasn't around rather a lot from 94 to 98 99 after we had our enough speed .

And all them teenagers increasing up and they don't even genuinely know bill down there didn't know him or their mother and dad would snort daddy became once a wrestler we ancient to scrutinize him nonetheless it undoubtedly's a long way so our shrimp nonetheless it undoubtedly's jamie dundee primarily the most thing most folk talk about is the sid vicious breaking my neck attitude and then .

When my dad when i grew to alter into hill when he whipped me on television with a belt that became once the 2 huge things that each person remembers about jamie dundee attitude because i smooth in memphis this day and then brother acknowledged don't dundee man i mean if you're daddy with your ass man because that and which is it's nonetheless the .

Motive i snort folks think that is because that's what it’s likely you’ll well originate to your kid because it’s likely you’ll well perchance spank your teenagers abet then and then when your teenagers speed his mouth and abet then we did an attitude the save i became once turning hill i became once knocking the shrimp one faces foot off the rope as a referee and that i became once rapidly counting .

Three and that i became once letting stone chilly take when he became once comely steve austin then with his ancient he had his ancient girl genius his valet and that i became once allowing them to take and passing gimmicks and then my dad comes out and fires me and that i acknowledged you’ll be in a situation to't fire nobody i don't give you the results you want and then he puts me over .

And he whips my ass with a belt and that i mean i it drew fancy hell the shrimp attitude started to plan nonetheless at that point eric embry became once the booker and tojo yamoto became once around as a supervisor and they didn't desire me to salvage tojo's remaining limelight i assume sooner than his ancient ass gave up the ghost so .

I assume so that they informed me i needed to head on and my attitude became once beginning to work and they also sent me on my manner and acquired rid of me and saved tojo and then he shot himself or irrespective of his dumbass did and then then i got here abet and became once jc ice shrimp one we did the texas went down to texas and started that irrespective of that became once called world class i .

Notify became once that what that became once he an international-class uswa thing with the vaughn eric and all that [ __ ] and we were taking the tour bus per week and then i'm coming abet and then jerry jarrett bought he acknowledged i cussed his mother or one thing christine jarrod he acknowledged i cussed at her .

Or one thing which presumably by no manner took reputation nonetheless that became once his motive to achieve away with me and they fired me and then pg-13 93 or 94. k abet with them so what what genuinely introduced you and wolfie deed together i mean what we were wrestling on the outlaw circuits a man named shelby adcock ancient to speed in .

Central city kentucky bieber down kentucky then a man named dale mann speed bowling inexperienced kentucky and then we did shelbyville on thursday nights a kid named chris champion reasonably a pair of folks undergo in mind he became once the unusual breed chris champion his brothers designate starr him and sean royal we name the unusual breed he became once .

Operating wolfie became once doing the gimmick he had the shorts on and his name became once sir wolfy d and that i became once doing jamie the ice shrimp one dundee you admire my shrimp breakdancing stuff and and that i'd play ice ice shrimp one and so i became once a shrimp bit one accepted as a result of the hill we're working shrimp angles around and we'll .

Outlaw cities and chris champions fancy neatly you admire what y'all ought to originate that together i acknowledged that can presumably get over so we save the i bought some shorts and uh there became once a hubcap laying over it became once a dressing room it became once in shelbyville tennessee in a taxi cab .

Stand and within the abet they had a total bunch ancient pieces of cabs and stuff and there became once a hubcap laying there and that i acknowledged uh give me a headcap ultimate-searching there and that i took the hubcap and that i tied a string around it i save around my neck there became once some spray paint so we spray-painted pg-13 on it .

And uh because wolfie's fancy he became once i became once fancy man we need a name he became once fancy yeah it’s likely you’ll well perchance also fair be jay science originate of d and we were upright fancy per week or two glided by i trust we were upright getting together together and then i took the hub cap and whoopi regarded as pg-13 you heard it on the motion photographs the save they announced the motion photographs .

And raided pg-13 and he's fancy that's it that sounds enough folks undergo in mind that so we save that and that i spray painted on the hubcap and we started the shelbyville we started doing all of it around the shrimp areas and jeff jarrett got here to a direct in beaver dam kentucky the man desired to raise some names in so .

I let him bought jeff's number the man shelby edcott introduced jeffy and upright fancy y'all showed this to my dad and we were fancy no he's fancy man y'all must direct this to my dad my dad will presumably get a kick out of this especially that hubcap that's authentic [ __ ] because perceive each person else that's that's .

Where rap music starts change into mainstream too neatly yeah ultimate-searching it became once upright 92 92 after we started this 93 after we went to usw the first time and uh yeah it became once 90 and so rap became once beginning to salvage off and uh and he's fancy man y'all would possibly well fair be fancy the rock and roll deliver of the 90s .

And we were fancy hell yeah we would possibly well
My neat TNA Impression Wrestler says this plugin is amazingly astronomical.

Classic Jamie Dundee Shoot Interview – Phase 1

Classic Jamie Dundee Shoot Interview - Part 1