CJ Perry Reflects on Missing the Women’s Locker Room and Its Dynamic Drama

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On a recent edition of the “In The Kliq” podcast, CJ Perry (formerly Lana) discussed returning to wrestling in AEW and what she missed during her time away from the industry following her WWE release in June 2021.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On what she missed the most about her time away from wrestling: “I missed the women’s locker room, there’s so much drama. Not necessarily in AEW, but just in general in pro wrestling. We love it and we hate it and it was kind of like I missed it, I missed the drama. I can only take so much of the Kardashians. I need my wrestling drama, locker room drama.”

On how she felt when she made her AEW debut: “I wish I could explain my enthusiasm but I do a lot of cartwheels out of excitement. It was a good break to take two years off. But, immediately when I walked into the arena, my heart was racing. I was like, this is home, I am so excited I’ve missed it.”

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Former WWE superstar CJ Perry, also known as Lana, recently opened up about her return to wrestling in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and what she missed during her time away from the industry. In an interview on the “In The Kliq” podcast, Perry shared her thoughts and experiences.

One of the things Perry mentioned missing the most about her time away from wrestling was the women’s locker room and the drama that comes with it. She explained that while there may not be much drama in AEW specifically, drama is a common occurrence in professional wrestling in general. Perry expressed her love for the drama and stated that she can only take so much of reality TV shows like the Kardashians. She emphasized that she needed her wrestling drama and locker room drama.

When asked about her feelings upon making her AEW debut, Perry expressed immense enthusiasm. She described doing cartwheels out of excitement and mentioned that taking two years off was a good break for her. However, as soon as she walked into the arena, her heart started racing, and she felt a sense of belonging and excitement. Perry stated that she had missed wrestling and was thrilled to be back.

Perry’s interview on the “In The Kliq” podcast provides fans with insights into her mindset and emotions surrounding her return to wrestling. It showcases her passion for the industry and her excitement to be a part of AEW.

For fans who want to hear more from Perry, they can watch the full interview on YouTube, where she discusses her AEW signing, her desire to manage other wrestlers, and her interest in participating in a hardcore match.

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Overall, CJ Perry’s interview sheds light on her journey back to wrestling and gives fans a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings about returning to the industry. Her enthusiasm and love for wrestling are evident, and it will be exciting to see what she brings to the table in AEW.