Chuck Palumbo is Disinterested in Sign Up with AEW, Nightingale Desires to Partner With Cassidy.

Chuck Palumbo is Disinterested in Sign Up with AEW, Nightingale Desires to Partner With Cassidy.
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During a recent guest appearance on the “Insight” podcast, Billy Gunn gave his commentary on the potential for Chuck Palumbo to make cameo appearances in AEW, a possibility which seems unlikely as Palumbo appears to be uninterested in grappling anymore with wrestling-related activities. Gunn revealed,

“He simply lacks the interest at this moment. He has a lot going on in his life. I tried to coax him into participating in a few things. He is simply detached from it, but that doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to do it for me. We wanted him at my birthday celebration, I pleaded for his presence, but it seemed that he was so embroiled in his personal life, he values his peace in staying detached from wrestling, which I understand.“

Recently on WGN Radio, AEW’s very own Willow Nightingale expressed her enthusiasm to lock horns with fellow AEW colleague, Orange Cassidy.

Below are some standout points from the interview:

Discussing Orange Cassidy: “Both of us are arguably good-hearted individuals. He may be indifferent about some scenarios, but he’s persistent about what he’s passionate about, and we both have been deceived by people we once trusted. We have found a mutual understanding in that, and we’ve known each other for quite some time.”

Discussing the bond reforged in AEW: “He was part of the same circuit that I was involved in prior to AEW, however this eventually became the platform that rekindled our relationship. It would be a thrill to step into the ring together. I’m all for it. We’ll see how fate unfolds. As of now, just going with the flow seems apt. We’ll assess the progression week by week.”

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