Christopher Daniels Gets Very Personal On Being The Elite

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Christopher Daniels Gets Very Personal On Being The Elite

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

This week’s Being The Elite is not a highly eventful episode, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. For just fifteen minutes of your Monday, you get Orange Cassidy trying to roll out of his responsibilities, Santana and Ortiz going 5150 speaking Spanglish in a new segment, and Matt Hardy continuing to pause the multiverse for explanations of wrestling terminology.

The headlining segment involves AEW and BTE veteran Christopher Daniels going into aa lot of detail about heading into the doctor for a colonoscopy. Filmed when he was still under the influence of powerful hospital-grade medication, the SCU frontman rambles through the procedure as well as an in-depth explanation for any viewers young enough to not know what the procedure entails. I sometimes wish I was still part of this group myself.

You can watch the full episode, including some fun highlights from the Stadium Stampede match, in the video embedded below:

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