Christian Says Edge Was Nervous About Royal Rumble Return

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Christian Says Edge Was Nervous About Royal Rumble Return


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If there’s anybody who would now WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, better than himself it would be his tag team partner, Christian.

While speaking on WWE Backstage, Christian revealed that Edge was actually nervous prior to his return at the 2020 Royal Rumble event. Christian would then go on to provide the context that Edge was rarely nervous during their time as a tag team and often acted as the more level-headed one of the tandem.

“You think back to when Edge had to retire due to his neck injury. It’s an unforgettable moment, this is much bigger than that. It’s unheard of for somebody to come back from this type of injury after nine years off from the ring,” said Christian. “As a performer, those thoughts always creep into your mind when you’ve been away for that long. ‘Can I still do this at the level that I did before?’ You don’t want to come back at any less than that. When I talked to him after, I was like, ‘how did it feel out there?’ He’s like, ‘man, I was really nervous.’ To put that in perspective, I was the one that got nervous in our team. He was always calming me down. He had nerves of steel. For him to say that, that just shows you how big of a moment that was for him and the WWE Universe. It will be remembered forever.”

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Christian Says Edge Was Nervous About Royal Rumble Return