Christian Cage Expresses Frustration Over The Hardys’ Initial WWE Signing

Christian Cage Expresses Frustration Over The Hardys’ Initial WWE Signing
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On a recent edition of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy revealed how Christian Cage was angry when The Hardys first signed with WWE. He said,

“He was real mad when he heard we got signed. He’s like, ‘How did those Hardy guys get signed?’ And he said, ‘I remember you guys were having a match against [Can-Am Express members Doug] Furnas and [Phil] LaFon, and I knew you were talking to WWE and stuff, and Jeff went for that Asai moonsault off the top and slipped, and fell down on his back to the floor. And [Christian] said, ‘I got so happy.’ He said, ‘I hated those Hardy guys just because they got signed and I didn’t.’”


The Hardys later went on to have various feuds with the team of Edge and Christian for multiple years of their careers.

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In the world of professional wrestling, rivalries and animosity between wrestlers are not uncommon. Sometimes, these rivalries stem from personal issues or competition for the spotlight. One such rivalry that fans may not be aware of is the tension between Christian Cage and The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) when they first signed with WWE.

During a recent episode of his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” AEW wrestler Matt Hardy revealed that Christian Cage was angry when The Hardy Boyz signed with WWE. According to Hardy, Cage expressed his frustration, saying, “How did those Hardy guys get signed?” He recalled a specific incident where Jeff Hardy slipped during a match against Can-Am Express members Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon. Christian admitted that he felt happy when Jeff made the mistake because he resented The Hardy Boyz for getting signed while he didn’t.

This revelation sheds light on the competitive nature of the wrestling industry and the emotions that can arise when one wrestler achieves success while others are left behind. It also highlights the long-standing rivalry between The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian, as they went on to have multiple feuds throughout their careers.

The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian are legendary tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. They were known for their high-flying, daredevil style and innovative ladder matches. Their matches were often filled with jaw-dropping stunts and unforgettable moments that captivated audiences worldwide.

The rivalry between these two teams reached its peak during the late 1990s and early 2000s. They competed in several iconic ladder matches, including the legendary TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) matches at WrestleMania 2000, SummerSlam 2000, and WrestleMania X-Seven. These matches revolutionized the tag team division and set a new standard for high-risk, hardcore wrestling.

Despite their initial tension, Christian and The Hardy Boyz eventually developed a mutual respect for each other. They recognized each other’s talents and contributions to the wrestling industry. In fact, Christian went on to have a successful singles career in WWE, winning multiple championships and becoming a fan favorite.

Today, all three wrestlers have moved on to different promotions. Matt Hardy is currently signed with AEW, while Christian Cage recently made his return to wrestling after a long hiatus and signed with AEW as well. Jeff Hardy continues to compete in WWE, where he has had a storied career and remains a beloved figure among fans.

The wrestling industry is filled with stories of rivalries, friendships, and personal struggles. The tension between Christian Cage and The Hardy Boyz when they first signed with WWE is just one example of the complex dynamics that exist behind the scenes. It serves as a reminder that success in wrestling is often accompanied by sacrifices, competition, and the occasional bitter feelings.

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