Chris Masters shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Chris Masters shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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These item are natty. you purchased to work with uh john cena all yet again now this time in wwe what became once it take care of working with john all yet again uh working with john uh i you know i loved working with john thanks to the skill around uh when he's in the ring because i imply he is the discontinue blueprint and uh take care of the lisp is me .

And john we don't basically uh we don't glean along on a internal most standpoint in any plot why is that uh you know i don't know what it’s i don't know if he lawful plot i became once a slacker or what it became once or you know i don't know i don't no doubt even know the put it stemmed from but you know he .

Didn't select to me very obliging so i lawful extra or much less returned the select though on the identical time i appreciate the particular person in a technique that i no doubt feel take care of he's the dazzling man for the job because i know the dedication it takes to be in that position of being take care of the the discontinue man in the firm or the field the champion .

You scrutinize the responsibility of being on the avenue for a obvious amount of time you scrutinize the responsibility and how time drinking i know take care of the fellow got take care of two days at residence typically out of a month so it's take care of you gotta own someone with a righteous work ethic who's got his head on straight and who's gonna take care of be official and seeing as we've .

Viewed as the dazzling man i imply he's the dazzling man for for that position i imply he is uh though um you know take care of i talked about lawful in my plot lawful you know didn't glean along too effectively did his personality alternate did he glean an ego or did he defend humble um i lisp .

You already know cena did plenty of altering over the years i don't know if it became once a humble lisp or something take care of that but take care of when i first met him he didn't drink i imply he didn't even drink dazzling i imply so obviously being on the avenue and stuff take care of that and you know lawful thru putting out thru a pair of of the many .

Guys take care of jb and all that i imply he drank plenty of his personality you know he repeatedly had a has had a personality he's you know plenty of got plenty of charisma and you know he's but i imply he's very uh you know he doesn't he doesn't no doubt he's no longer the sort of man to no doubt lend a hand you in on a internal most degree dazzling so i .

Guess perchance that became once why it became once exhausting for me and him to basically discuss or something take care of that lawful because uh it became once so take care of you know you if you happen to're touring with these folks as most continuously as we produce it's take care of you know i might well strive and take care of you know i strive and faucet into a pair of of the fellows you know the .

The internal most components of the folks i'm with you know what i imply and seek advice from him about right [__] and cena is considered as a take care of he's a businessman take care of vince you know i imply it became once take care of expert you don't know if he scrutinize if he has a female friend or if he doesn't he doesn't discuss that extra or much less stuff .

I be enraged for item, because they are the awesome.

Chris Masters shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Chris Masters shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview