Chris Jericho’s Upcoming Documentary Explores the World of Wrestling in Vietnam

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Chris Jericho shocked fans with his recent appearance for the Vietnam Pro Wrestling promotion, and now a documentary is in the works.

During a recent interview with “WFAA”, Jericho spoke about learning a lot about VPW and wanting to give fans around the world a better look at the promotion. He said,


“They didn’t even have a wrestling ring at first, they wrestled on mats. I thought there was a very interesting documentary in there, and I’ve done a couple of documentaries so far…So the guys were there, probably about ten days before I was, but I knew I wanted to be there.

“We didn’t even know what capacity, but while I was there, we came up with the ending of the documentary. It’s going to be very cool, very heartwarming, and it’s going to once again show that pro wrestling is this entity that is worldwide. It’s not just here in the States, it’s not just in Canada, it’s everywhere. And it makes people happy and gives them a chance to live their dreams, no matter what country you happen to be born in. And I just thought ‘That’s a story I wanted to tell.’”

Jericho, alongside Kenny Omega, was scheduled to challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at next week’s AEW Worlds End pay-per-view.

Unfortunately, Omega is currently out of action due to diverticulitis. It is unclear when The Cleaner will make his return to the ring.

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Chris Jericho, the renowned professional wrestler, recently made a surprising appearance for the Vietnam Pro Wrestling (VPW) promotion. This unexpected move has now sparked the creation of a documentary that aims to shed light on the promotion and give fans a deeper understanding of its significance.

In a recent interview with “WFAA,” Jericho expressed his interest in showcasing VPW to a global audience. He revealed that he learned a lot about the promotion during his time there and believed that there was a compelling story to tell through a documentary. Jericho, who has been involved in previous documentary projects, saw the potential in capturing the essence of VPW and its impact on the wrestling industry.

One intriguing aspect that caught Jericho’s attention was the fact that VPW initially didn’t have a wrestling ring. Instead, the wrestlers competed on mats. This unique approach to wrestling intrigued Jericho and further fueled his desire to document the journey of VPW. He acknowledged that there was something special about this promotion and wanted to share its story with the world.

During his visit to Vietnam, Jericho collaborated with the VPW team and together they developed the concept for the documentary’s ending. He described it as a heartwarming and inspiring conclusion that would highlight the global reach of professional wrestling. Jericho firmly believes that wrestling transcends borders and provides people from all walks of life an opportunity to pursue their dreams. This documentary aims to showcase how wrestling can bring joy and fulfillment to individuals regardless of their country of origin.

While Jericho’s involvement in the VPW documentary is undoubtedly exciting, fans were also looking forward to seeing him team up with Kenny Omega to challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at the upcoming AEW Worlds End pay-per-view. Unfortunately, Omega’s absence from action due to diverticulitis has put their plans on hold. It remains uncertain when Omega will be able to return to the ring.

For those interested in gaining more insight into Jericho’s thoughts on the VPW documentary and his wrestling career, a full interview with him is available on WFAA’s YouTube channel.

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In conclusion, Chris Jericho’s involvement with the Vietnam Pro Wrestling promotion has led to the development of an exciting documentary. This project aims to showcase the unique journey of VPW and highlight the global impact of professional wrestling. With Jericho’s passion for storytelling and his experience in the wrestling industry, fans can expect a captivating and heartwarming documentary that celebrates the universal appeal of wrestling.