Chris Jericho Talks Taking Chances: ‘I Can Get Anything Or Anyone Over’

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Chris Jericho Talks Taking Chances: ‘I Can Get Anything Or Anyone Over’

Sports Illustrated caught up with Chris Jericho to discuss the success of his cruise and how he’s been able to get so many catchphrases over. Jericho revealed that his legendary status helps and the fact that he isn’t afraid to take chances.

“Like when I said ‘Casa grande’ on Dynamite. I heard from tons of people saying they wanted a ‘Casa grande’ shirt,” said Jericho. “Like, what? Some people are expecting everything I say to be a catchphrase and a t-shirt, even when it’s not supposed to be. I heard, ‘Casa grande! That’s a good one, Jericho! You’re a genius!’ It’s like, well, OK. People think I’m extra smart even when I’m not trying to be. It takes a while to get to that point, but once you get to that point, it’s pretty easy now because everyone knows what Jericho is all about. It’s like the ‘I got a ticket!’ shirt being a top seller for a week after I said it on Dynamite. I joke that everything I touch turns to gold, and that’s because I’m not afraid to take a chance.”

“I know that I can get anything or anyone over, and that’s because I have the confidence/arrogance and know exactly how to do it,” said the AEW Champion. “That comes from years of experience. It’s like a Robin Williams routine. Even if it falls flat, people are going to laugh because it’s Robin Williams. It’s the same with Chris Jericho with all these things I’m doing on Dynamite on a weekly basis.”

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