Chris Jericho Responds to His Recent Comeback at Arena Mexico for CMLL

Chris Jericho Responds to His Recent Comeback at Arena Mexico for CMLL
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Chris Jericho made a sudden appearance at a CMLL event last month, confronting the wrestling star Mistico and daring him to a match. More details about his return to CMLL at Arena Mexico were revealed by Jericho in his recent podcast, “Talk Is Jericho”.

While discussing his comeback to CMLL, Jericho stated, “Corazon de Leon surprisingly returned to Arena Mexico this week. I had wrestled in Mexico from ’92-’95, and the last time I wrestled in Arena Mexico was September 15, 1995. It felt great to return to Mexico City.” Jericho went on to explain how the new alliance between CMLL and AEW prompted his return to wrestling in Arena Mexico. He also touched upon the experiences of BCC and Matt Sydal who fought a match at Arena Mexico in place of the injured Wheeler Yuta and the pleasure they had at the event.

Talking about returning to Mexico, he said, “It really triggered this thought in me that it was time for me to come full-circle and return to Arena Mexico, which is called the cathedral of Lucha Libre.” With the help of Rocky Romero, the liaison for AEW to CMLL and to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Jericho began his preparation to return to the arena. Ultimately, they concluded that fighting Mistico would be the perfect match for him.

He also added about the challenge to Mistico, “I grabbed the mic and cut a promo in Spanish, declaring that I would challenge him any time, any place, anywhere. Although he stood up even after I hit him with two of my finishers, he accepted my challenge. The date for the match is yet to be set but it is certain that a singles match between Mistico and Corazon de Leon will take place. The exact date will soon be revealed, and then we’ll be ready to rock.”