Chris Jericho predicts Adam Copeland’s best work to come

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During the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum, Chris Jericho was asked to share his thoughts on Adam “Edge” Copeland joining AEW after making his promotional debut at WrestleDream 2023 on Sunday night.

The top AEW star thinks Copeland can do great things in AEW. He said,


“I’ve known Adam since 1995. He loves wrestling. Sometimes, in other places, that love of wrestling kind of gets squashed and warped a bit, maybe. It’s not like that in AEW. When some of the other guys came, like FTR and Adam Cole and those guys, they couldn’t believe the difference and the vibe of what we have here. Talking with Adam and seeing him come out to the ring, he’s super stoked and super excited and super motivated. When you’re motivated, that’s when great wrestlers become even better and more legendary. He’s already a great wrestler. He’s a first-round Hall of Famer. Now that he’s motivated again, I think we’re going to see some of the best work Adam Copeland has ever done now here in AEW.”

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Chris Jericho, one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared his thoughts on Adam “Edge” Copeland joining the promotion. Copeland made his promotional debut at WrestleDream 2023 on Sunday night, and Jericho believes he can achieve great things in AEW.

Jericho has known Copeland since 1995 and emphasized his love for wrestling. He mentioned that in other places, this love can sometimes get squashed and warped. However, in AEW, the environment is different. Jericho highlighted the difference and the positive vibe that AEW offers. When other wrestlers like FTR and Adam Cole joined, they couldn’t believe the contrast. Talking with Copeland and witnessing his excitement and motivation, Jericho believes that we will see some of the best work from him in AEW.

Jericho described Copeland as a great wrestler who is already a first-round Hall of Famer. Now that he is motivated again, Jericho expects Copeland to elevate his performance and deliver legendary matches in AEW.

AEW WrestleDream Post Show Media Scrum | 10/1/23

To watch the full post-show media scrum where Chris Jericho shared his thoughts on Adam Copeland joining AEW, you can check out the embedded video above.

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In conclusion, Chris Jericho believes that Adam Copeland’s arrival in AEW will bring out the best in him. With Copeland’s love for wrestling and the motivating environment in AEW, fans can expect to witness some incredible performances from the legendary wrestler. Stay tuned to for more updates on this exciting development in the wrestling industry.